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- Soft Opening of the exhibition "Global Warning! - Marshall McLuhan & the Arts". Free spots available! Register here:

Our next panels are in the pipeline! Get involved by asking Refik Anadol, Simon Weckert, Kling Klang Klong, Christian Mio Loclair and our contributors questions in the Festival Hub! ➡️ / Here is how it works on mobile!

Guided tours through Naxoshalle during ! From October 3rd our mediation team guides you daily. Due to current regulations max. 5 people can join a tour at once. Register for a guided tour at or on-site.

11:00 - German (on-site) & 11:20 (virtual)
15:00 - English (on-site) & 15:20 (virtual)

Check our website and the Talque events for further virtual events and tours and on-site workshops.

The Choreographic Coding Lab Online (CCLOnline) is an ever-evolving online format organised by Naoto Hieda that welcomes dancers, choreographers, coders, artists and anyone interested in choreography and code to experiment artistic and scientific concepts within virtual spaces. During  multiple open sessions with a variety of co-hosts will be held at GreenHouse NAXOS. Find all details here:

When it comes to climate crisis mitigation, the Internet is the elephant in the room: join Join writer and researcher Ingrid Burrington (@lifewinning), artists Julian Oliver and Joana Moll, activist Chris Adams, and Low-tech Magazine’s Kris De Decker for a discussion on how to green the Web. Oct 4 – 3pm CEST ➡️

The NODE x MUTEK program features a series of AV performance screenings representing our creative communities, artists from Québec, Canada and all over the world. With this kick-off program,
MUTEK Montreal and NODE will start an ongoing collaboration between the festivals, connecting their respective communities as well as Frankfurt and Montréal.

starts tomorrow! Who is in? Join us online through our Festival Hub, watch the Emergency Broadcast conference live stream on our website, explore the virtually or visit us at Naxoshalle in Frankfurt. It's up to you! 😉

We are very excited to host a premiere during our closing: With their new virtual music "Songs of Cyborgoise", BBB_ a future free of dystopian vision and speculate on a queer evolutionary scenario of technologies, people, flora and fauna on Earth. Attend the virtual performance as an interactive visitor of our or watch the livestream on Oct 8, 19:00 - 20:00 & 21:00-22:00. ➡️

For , the team of researchers in Natural Computing and Deep Simulation at Norn Lab (University of Oldenberg) has collaborated with game designers to present a public, collaborative version of SKULD—an accelerated environmental simulation to visualize potential futures. Over the course of NODE’s opening weekend, the festival audience will get to decide how we transition into a sustainable future—or if. 🌍🌎🌏

is moving closer! Here is how to join our hybrid festival: Naxoshalle is our only physical meeting point where you can join the GreenHouse NAXOS through a VR-Portal. The access is limited and you can register for a guided tour at More:

is around the corner! Here is how to join our hybrid festival: The VR-space GreenHouse NAXOS hosts performances, installations, meet-ups and teens program. Join via on October 3rd. Program Details:

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