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One week left until ! We are looking forward to see you in our Festival Hub. Save your spot in our workshops or watch the conference program for free on
All infos here ➡️

Join Tega Brain, Holly Jean Buck, Disnovation’s Nico Maigret, Moritz Frischkorn, and Elise Hunchuck as they untangle the market forces, material flows, and geopolitics that underpin the climate crisis.

Oct 3 - 15-16:30 CEST ➡️

We have accepted the challenge of bringing people together and fostering debate and involvement in new hybrid spaces! is our virtual playground and think tank on cultural practices in times of the ecological crisis and shifting public life for !

Join us at and enter our 3D festival venue! Find more details here:

Rendering of the GreenHouse NAXOS by Gloria Schulz

In her opening keynote, speculative designer, filmmaker and Superflux co-founder Anab Jain will weave a narrative through colonial histories, dark revolutions, and more-than-human futures.

During The NODE Institute and present together with leading figures of the community a wide range of workshops. Everyone is served - artists, designers, coders, beginners and nerds. Join the learning! ➡️

FINAL CALL – Art Mediation Team
is hybrid – our exhibition, performances and installations as well!
Are you interested in art mediation between real and virtual spaces?
Join our team on-site or remotely and reply until the 18. September.
Find the details here:

Photo: Eda Temucin

Follow Moritz Frischkorn during his through the field research he conducted in together with Robin Hinsch, in with Nour Sokhon and in with Paula Hildebrandt. 'The Great Report – an attempt at mapping complexity' uncovers how global trade cycles, based on a fantasy of total disposability of resources, reproduce neo-colonial patterns of exploitation and continue to destroy the planet. October 3rd
- . More details ➡️

Welcome to our Festival Hub: Explore ’s digital space to network, attend workshops, feature your projects and share your ideas. More infos:

Support us with only 50€ to access the full program and to enjoy the whole online experience.

powered by talque

Distributed Imagination: Refik Anadol & Friends. Look behind the curtains of a multi-disciplinary, globally spread team co-creating large-scale installations and immersive data sculptures. Follow along the creative journey of Refik Anadol, Luna Nane, Simon Weckert, Arístides García, Sebastiano Barbieri, hosted by David Brüll.
Detailed description:

If you haven't saved the date and bought your ticket yet, it is time now! is happening in only 1 month and we can't wait to meet all of you soon. 🤩 Save your spot and support us here:

Fresh from the program workbench: We are happy to have Diana Serbanescu hosting a double panel at . Together with Refik Anadol, Vera-Maria Glahn, Caroline Sinders, Vladan Joler, Christian Mio Loclair, Johannes Helberger we will talk about responsibility, sustainable practices and the role of the artists in the age of synthetic media and co-creation with

Find the detailed description here:
& make sure to save your spot:

workshops: We invite you to join joreg explaining realtime graphics with Stride 3D, Elias sharing his knowledge about VL libraries and Takuma how to create procedural graphics with Field Trip. Enjoy!

for the German speakers: Today our festival co-director Jeanne explains LUX Radio how you can join the cause of . Tune in from 20:00 on UKW 92,9 or through the web player:

We are not done yet: learn more about using .NET nugets, reactive patching and network protocols in our workshops during hosted by Sebastian Escudie, Tebjan Halm, Anton Mezhiborski and Matthias Husinsky. More is coming your way!

for volunteers! Help our visitors to join the virtual festival realm and get unlimited access to the online festival. Interested? Awesome! Apply via e-mail at and find details on our website

NODE20 : Explore the library 'Field Trip' with the inventor himself, Australian graphics and software developer and designer Kyle McLean, during . Find out how to create complex graphical animations while using vector fields:

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