Two weeks ago we finished off that wouldn't have been possible without the support of our funding partners and sponsors! Find the first impressions here:

Photographer (c) Katharina Dubno

Thank you for contributing to – which was quite an experiment for us. Especially we have to share our endless gratitude towards our amazing for making this festival edition – despite all odds – come true! Lots of lovvvve to you! 💚
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The end of the festival does not mean the end of the conversations. With the , presents a sustainable, digital satellite of the festival, on which the discourses will be continued, deepened and enriched with further impulses over the course of several months. Participate soon! 🌿

Day 7 - beware of today’s highlights! We are looking forward to wrap-up this week and finishing off with the premiere of “Songs of Cyborgoise” by BBB_ ➡️

Meet The NODE Institute at . This quick panel is dedicated to the question how the global crisis changes the way we can teach and share our knowledge within creative communities. With David Brüll, Stefan Kraus, Christine Mayerhofer, Wieland Hilker and Markus Heckmann. ⏰ Oct 7 – 8 - 8.30pm CEST ➡️

Making Kin: Join the Environmental Performance Agency’s Ellie Irons, Christopher Kennedy, Andrea Haenggi + Kat Austen, Sukitoa o Namau and Mary Maggic in conversation on resilience through multispecies care and coexistence ⏰ Oct 6 – 9pm CEST ➡️

How to organize a festival during a pandemic? meets @FIBERfestival. In this session we discuss our shared experience of festivals in times of crisis. Join us at ⏰ 19:30 - 20:00 CEST ➡️

Day 6 - today we have some live coding, deep dives and contributions from Japan. Are you in? ➡️

Facing Extinction: Join Paul Prudence, Antye Greie, Paul Prudence, Britt Wray + Alexander Scholz for a conversation on how artists, designers, and storytellers can help us overcome climate grief and eco-anxiety.
⏰ Oct 6 – 5pm CEST ➡️

We invite you to stroll during the sidewalks in your neighborhood, attending to the area surrounding local street trees. Join the daily tour at 13:00 at Naxoshalle and get to know the species around studio NAXOS and Mousonturm. Find more info here: .

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