Why does the first post on a new (to me) social media platform feel like the first day of school? ^^;

@nktwist Oh, you should do an introduction post and use the #introductions hashtag, people follow that to find new folk :D

@welshpixie Oh, thanks! I'm technically at work so uh... maybe later :P

@nktwist There's no PE to forget to bring your kit for, so it'll be fine.

@kondziu Oh thank goodness. I don't think I even own tracksuit bottoms anymore!

@nktwist 🤣 Welcome to the party!. Just take your time building your timeline, is slower than other social networks but at the same time much more polite and entertaining.

@nktwist Hahaha that made me laugh.
I joined Mastodon around the time when the Scottish Independence movement were being banned from Twitter for Nationalist posts. We all moved to .scot and therefore there was plenty to chatter about at the time. Now things have quietened down on that front I find this a really nice place top hang out.
So, welcome to the Fediverse and I hope you enjoy your new School :)

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