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Happy birthday to my friend @Memeghnad , who turns 30. When I was on the jury of 30 under 30, had reccoed his name for it. They've missed out. Watch this guy. He's built for great things.

Is Twitter blocked in Turkey? Just landed in Istanbul, in transit, and it's not refreshing. Glad all of us are on Mastodon

Next stop San Francisco. Looking forward to the @Asia21Leaders leaders summit and meeting my cohort.

Have time for meetings in the city on the 13th morning and in the valley on 12th morning. Anyone want to meet, email @ nikhil at MediaNama dot com.

I've said this before: we cannot depend on the benevolence of platforms to protect our freedoms.

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7. @trai has discussed platform neutrality. And the world is debating algorithmic neutrality. So the points that they can do what they want and not be held accountable just because they are private parties does not hold anymore.

8. Users have right to choose. Mastodon seems to have offered an alternative. People are voting with their feet.

Twitter can ignore this, but if you are a Twitter user, they're accountable to you, you will have to choose at some point. Twitter needs to explain itself.

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5. Twitter has also failed to address coordinated attacks from political organisations on speech, and the abuse of hashtags, which often have hateful speech.

6. Platforms control our speech. With the concentration of power on the internet with platforms, even as private parties, they are critical to speech. Just as carriers of speech have to be protected, they also will need to be accountable.

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3. Twitter has also consistently failed to protect women users from abusive and hateful tweets. Women on Twitter are consistently targeted with abuse and threats, at scale.

4. I asked users about why they moved to Mastodon and it is this lack of transparency, accountability, consistency and unwillingness to address hateful speech that is an issue. People want a cleaner space

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Some technical issues with Mirror Now, so I didn't get a chance to speak. The points I was going to make:

1. Twitter has been inconsistent when it comes to implementing its policies and we've seen several instances of people being banned, or even shadowbanned.

2. The ban on @sanjayuvacha is Twitter's Napalm girl moment, and it failed free speech norms.

Hello. Going mirror now at 8pm (now) to discuss our shift to Mastodon. Will be quoting some toots that you've shared with me.

@nixxin If origin instance deletes the video, everyone else automatically deletes it too. If not, the instances can delete their copies manually via mod tools. Instances are technically websites like any other, so the same tools are available for taking them down (domain registrar, hosting provider). Those depend on jurisdiction, of course.

If an instance announces shutdown ahead of time users can export their data and move followers to a different account on another instance

1,2 each instance has to deal with it
3 each instance has their own terms and conditions.
4 It depends on laws of the country hosting the server and the admins of the service is eventually responsible
5 other instance admins can block an entire instance, even users can block an entire instance. So the offending instances will get removed from fediverse. Users of those instances can export their data and move to a new instance.

We're hosting a discussion on Intermediary liability protections in Bangalore on the 22nd of Nov.

Please apply to attend at

The changes that the govt plans will impact everything from identification (privacy) to content takedowns on ISPs, hosting providers, cloud services, social networks.

We also want to bring to the discussion, thoughts on how it would affect Mastodon.

More here:

If you've just joined @Mastodon, as many of us have in one bouncy, noisy swarm β€” read their Code of Conduct first. Posting once again for fellow newbies.

@nixxin contd... 5) ...Users can easily move to another instance and reconnect with their network.

Bottomline: We should look towards email, and adopt everything which governs that ecosystem. Of course, social aspects are fresh, and can be extended.

@nixxin Reframing the question. Email has >600 mn users across email service providers. One anon email ID sends a revenge porn video. Many other people across different email platforms forward the email to multiple other IDs.

Same answers should apply to toots?

@nixxin IMO the answers should be:

1) Mastodon is a social network protocol, just like SMTP is for emails. So network has to be value neutral.
2) In courts. Network should stay value neutral.
3) At Instance level, there could be politics and opinions of people/community who run the instance. So instance users will need to abide by the ToC.
4) Again governed by courts. Govt may get the real identity of a mastodoner based on a court order, nothing less.
5) Possibly based on court order.

Everyone looks like a friend here :)

@Gargron wondering if you could address these queries. Critical discussions in India on safe harbor. Wondering how a federated structure gets impacted:

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