@Gargron @stux this is going to be a real problem re India

In theory it's fine to not have verified profiles because everyone is equal (and I'm not saying that we aren't), but it creates this issue.

@nixxin @Gargron @stux People can verify using their websites. Although that still leaves the question of - what about those who don't want to join a mastodon server?

@vimoh @nixxin @stux Yes, I don't understand how verifications would help here. People make fake accounts on Twitter too. Verification helps real account prove it's real, not prevent fake ones from existing.

@Gargron We can always suspend fake accounts upon receiving an impersonation report from genuine accounts, after verifying their credentials.

@vimoh @nixxin @stux

@Ravi @Gargron @vimoh @nixxin @stux I personally feel we should verify public figures. It will make this platform mainstream.

@vimoh @Ravi @Gargron @nixxin @stux But our goal is to free the people from corporate monopoly. Isn't it? Giving power to the people. How can we do it if there is very less people?

@protyush18 @vimoh @Ravi @Gargron @nixxin @stux

People have differing goals.

We shouldn’t demand that people show us their papers to have a voice here. Everyone should have a voice. All have the right to #privacy.

Instead, their actions can be moderated if outside the TOS standards. When others realize this, they will come - just as the #india migration to #Mastodon happened.


@protyush18 That defeats the idea of being equal here. We can suspend fake handles after verifying the credentials.

Let's not do this verify stuff over here. People will commercialize verification in future (like on Twitter anyone can get a ✅ for big $) and we will have a chaotic situation.

That will choke the freedom of this space and people will start migrating to another platform to escape the madness just like we escaped from the after 10+ years.

@Gargron @vimoh @nixxin @stux

@Gargron @stux @nixxin @vimoh Isn't a general instance? I don't think verification should be removed just because the Indian users don't like it (although I must say they have a valid point).

@nixxin @Gargron @stux But profiles can be verified! Nakul has a website that he can claim. Folks will know which one is his real :mastodon: ID. In the meanwhile, this is clearly impersonation and should be grounds for suspension.

@ahalam @nixxin @Gargron @stux do we know the instance and the handle? We should report it to the admin.

@nixxin @Gargron @stux I don’t think so, it will be like any other online platform. Don’t trust unless you see verified website/blog.

Also the moderators here actually help

@kushal @nixxin @Gargron @stux says the :mastodon: can cross reference links and that is really the only way for public personalities to claim accounts. Once it becomes a norm for public personalities to have x-ref'd links, every one would use it.

@nixxin @Gargron @stux Verification is when an individual has an alternate existence and when impersonation impacts the reputation of the other identity.

In that case a dispute can be raised. And mods can take a call. Verification is a policy decision. Without Mastodon having to bring it, individuals can verify their mastodon ids from another verified outlet.

Hey @nixxin did you know you can share a link to twitter in a way that no one that clicks the link has to go to twitter themself but can still see their content?

That's possible with #nitter

I know, that might be a bit offtopic, but I thought I'd let you know :)


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