What a brilliant read
The other issue with online advertising is that, at least in India, the metrics of Google govern the metrics of publishers. They bring us down to Google rates, even though Google sells on intent, publishers should be selling on brand. Oh and the metrics of brand are impressions, never mind quality of impressions.

When we did direct sales @medianama , we always pitched brand affinity (as a vertical with a unique target audience set), trying to distinguish ourselves from commodity advertising that was/is Google. Unfortunately, math men/women have taken over and their only method of comparison tends to be commodity metrics.


My theory, when we started 11 years ago, was that there's profitability only in two cases: if you play a commodity game and have an audience base comparable with Google, or if you're a vertical with a sharp target audience and can command a premium rate. Middle is death because you're neither here nor there. This was for ad only biz, of course. Brand is now a tough sell in India.

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