Also, even if there was a "skip" option for facial recognition by Xhaayos, this is NOT OK.

1. There's no info on their data usage so it is NOT informed consent

2. Most ppl don't know risks of giving facial data, so portraying this only as a convenience is disingenuous from chaayos

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4. We don't know what kind of other data this facial info is being linked to. We don't know what kind of info this data will be compared with from other external databases
5. Biometric info is a permanent username+password. Should not be used.
6. This is sensitive personal info. What kind of data security practices does Chaayos have in place?

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. @Chaayos doing facial recognition instead of OTP. I took this video today.

1. No terms&conditions displayed
2. Consent isn't real when there's no opt out option
3. We don't know if chaayos will sell this data/gives itself the right to

More 👇

Chaayos is doing facial recognition in India. Just took a video of it. Seriously, wtf?

Epiphany of the day: you cannot physically defeat an ideology.

Just confirmed: it is indeed @DerekOBrien on Mastodon! Good to have you here.

Have an hour to laze about in between meetings at Stanford. Nice and sunny

If you've stayed in an Airbnb that sucked or gone in an Uber that drove dangerously, you know they do very little in terms of verification.

Around 136 people said that they are interested in the #digitalsecurity office hour. I am doing the first one tomorrow at 8PM IST.

Feel free to ask me questions (mentioning my handle) and #securityofficehour hashtag. I will answer over video + toots tomorrow.

@Deepsealioness @nixxin @jamewils @Memeghnad can you please boost this one?

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@Gargron @stux this is going to be a real problem re India

In theory it's fine to not have verified profiles because everyone is equal (and I'm not saying that we aren't), but it creates this issue.

Inspired by @medianama and @nixxin to join @Mastodon
Down with centralised social networks!

My theory, when we started 11 years ago, was that there's profitability only in two cases: if you play a commodity game and have an audience base comparable with Google, or if you're a vertical with a sharp target audience and can command a premium rate. Middle is death because you're neither here nor there. This was for ad only biz, of course. Brand is now a tough sell in India.

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When we did direct sales @medianama , we always pitched brand affinity (as a vertical with a unique target audience set), trying to distinguish ourselves from commodity advertising that was/is Google. Unfortunately, math men/women have taken over and their only method of comparison tends to be commodity metrics.

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What a brilliant read
The other issue with online advertising is that, at least in India, the metrics of Google govern the metrics of publishers. They bring us down to Google rates, even though Google sells on intent, publishers should be selling on brand. Oh and the metrics of brand are impressions, never mind quality of impressions.

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