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I am deeply proud to be a writer from Assam today. All the signatories from all backgrounds worked together across time zones to send a strong message that we care about democratic values, This is what real grassroots politics looks like : flawed, imperfect, but honest. twitter.com/AruniKashyap/statu

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Wait, it is not over yet, @TheHealthspring@twitter.com says we will offer the same tests for Rs 1250 per test, @Thyrocare@twitter.com then ties up with Dr Safe Hands and says we will give you a package including other tests like Haemoglobin and Vit D for Rs 1900.

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So in such a situation @Thyrocare@twitter.com says we offer ELISA tests at Rs 500 - 600, @MetropolisLab@twitter.com says we do it for Rs 850, @lalpathlabs@twitter.com jumps in and says we do it for Rs 950 - Rs 1400, Suburban Diagnostics says we will charge Rs 950 plus Rs 300 for home collection.

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Private labs are rampantly advertising tests at prices ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1250 & packages beyond, in absence of any oversight by @MoHFW_INDIA@twitter.com @ICMRDELHI@twitter.com @CDSCO_INDIA_INF@twitter.com - But do you need an antibody test?


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Editor: Am not getting any special stories from the team.

Reporters: The ones we get are chopped/ squeezed on inside pages between tenders. And, routine ones get splashed up.

Editor: Its a Management call. We are not discussing that. I WANT MORE SPECIALS.

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People of Arunachal please follow the twitter handle of @ARP_LANDSLIDES@twitter.com for future references on landslides.
This will be in a way predicting the landslide prone areas of the state.
@sangnoamar@twitter.com @tayabagang1@twitter.com @NatungBanta@twitter.com @RanjuDodum@twitter.com @SdLoda@twitter.com @ManpoongNellie@twitter.com

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Q. Which news organisation will investigate the latest custodial murder?
A. None

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Hi all,
@equityinpolicy@twitter.com is hosting its second info session on 12th July, Sunday at 830pm IST.

We are looking to mentor Dalit & Adivasi students for Master's programs in public policy in the US.

Log in: bit.ly/38AR7pF

RT and help us build an equitable future!

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This is for Indian journalists who've lost their jobs. If any of you consider freelancing, @BhavyaDore@twitter.com and I will be very happy to share whatever little knowledge we've gathered re. writing for international publications. Please feel free to DM/ email either of us. Email in bio.

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Everyone engaging with India's environmental issues must understand: India can meet its Paris Climate Change Targets, increase renewable power even as it digs out more coal from new blocks. The political economy and geopolitics of energy-climate-environment is more complex.

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"Solar power is sure, pure and secure": PM Modi while launching 750 MW solar project in Rewa,

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Ahahaha. What all can pass as column writing as long as you are praising the lord.

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| Mr Modi’s style is very Chinese. He doesn’t go straight for the throat. He waits and slowly erases his opponents. It’s a war of attrition he wages, using all means. No one manages to overcome him.

@tca_tca@twitter.com writes


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Did India "lose face" to the Chinese? As the disengagement began, India is farthest from the LAC, it's satellite surveillance capabilities are broken and it's strategic community is fuming, I write in @DeccanChronicle@twitter.com

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The mountain near pappu nallah river is witnessing landslide+soil erosion due to heavy rain accompanied by heavy flow of water.
At this rate huge amount of the mountain will fall down,block the river which will result in flooding in the houses nearby.

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@AratiKumarRao@twitter.com @OmairTAhmad@twitter.com @siddharth3@twitter.com @GhoshArunabha@twitter.com @GargiRawat@twitter.com @HariniNagendra@twitter.com @AparajitaDatta4@twitter.com @vidya@twitter.com @kanchikohli@twitter.com Thanks for the shout out.

Some more


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@OmairTAhmad@twitter.com @siddharth3@twitter.com @GhoshArunabha@twitter.com @GargiRawat@twitter.com I trust the following people :

@HariniNagendra@twitter.com ( also )
@veenas_water@twitter.com ( and )

AR vasavi (social, agriculture, women)

wildlife, conservation, human-wild relationships:

Law, policy:

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Paid internship for young lawyers. A brilliant research group to work with @LandConflicts@twitter.com. I would grab the chance if i fit the bill. Am neither young nor a lawyer, sadly.

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Paid internship for at @LandConflicts@twitter.com twitter.com/LandConflicts/stat

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A few weeks back, twitter had a women in FP list. This thread gives you women in energy....a diverse set of expertise, background and areas of research....some on twitter, some outside. twitter.com/OmairTAhmad/status

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