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hi greeting everyone !!since i just started a new life here, im seeking for any roleplayer who wanna be my fwends. please retweet/boost. thank you. <3

good evening everyone. ada yang mau difollow atau belum difollow? rep/boost aja ya.

sorry for using public.

i looking for roleplayers who wanna be my mutuals, just retweet/boost.
dont forget to follback, thankyou.✨


anak rp ada yg mau followan atau sekalian temenan ama gua? rep/boost aja

followan yuk? baru pindah belum ada temen 🤧 rep/rt aja ya

hai, temenan yuk? kindly reply / repost yaa

sorry for using public

anak rp followan yuk? rep/boost aja ya

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