this is probably the most risque pic i've ever taken honestly

Took these the other day, for once I took some pics while not in the usual white shirt ;d

asjbhv seeing pictures of food always makes me huuungry

The Super Smash Bros community is abhorrent, so many figureheads are being exposed as pedophiles/sexual abusers... it's disgusting.

@saxnot that's fair, Nintendo is very odd when it comes to certain things

@saxnot There is a switch emulator but it's very early WIP and hasn't been fully optimized yet. The switch as a console is nice, I used to take mine around everywhere and play a bunch of games on it

@saxnot I've heard Xenoblade Chronicles Deluxe Edition is pretty story rich but I've never played it so I wouldn't know much

@saxnot wouldn't think so, I've only been playing retail for like 7 years but I know people who started later who are doing far better because I'm a big casual

girls are tough to date omg im giving up

I used faceapp's female filter on one of my selfies (which I look feminine in already) and omg haha I just look like a doll or something this is creeeeeepy

@jookia stuff like this, it doesn't phase me rly is just annoying at times
I don't know if it's the person I have in mind but I'm almost certain it is

@jookia yeahhh, some can be really jealous and it's annoying

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