this is probably the most risque pic i've ever taken honestly

Took these the other day, for once I took some pics while not in the usual white shirt ;d

I used faceapp's female filter on one of my selfies (which I look feminine in already) and omg haha I just look like a doll or something this is creeeeeepy

Trump/LGBTQ+ Discrimination 


Okay this looks pretty nice!! Might as well change up the pfp soon though...

I feel like this is a pretty good example on how UI can really make or break how a game's immersion is

Aura Kingdom, despite being a game from 2013, is still a BEAUTIFUL game in terms of the world. When the UI is disabled, it looks amazing, but the UI ruins the immersion so much. It's so clunky and large and there's no addons or options to hide most things causing that clunkiness.

The other day I made this and the girl who I'm really into is an amazing singer but I made this (just as a joke but it looks amazing still) sooo

Made these earlier ajdifbd haven't tasted waffles in Y E A R S and they tasted so good

First post here! Hey! I'm Tana from the UK, I like video games a loooot as well as cartoons (Adventure Time <3)
The Twitter community I was in has turned to hell (drama-filled, overall toxic) forcing me to move. I've wanted to move for a while but my anxiety made it kinda hard. Now I'm here though!

I hope I can get to know some people some more! 😊

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