First post here! Hey! I'm Tana from the UK, I like video games a loooot as well as cartoons (Adventure Time <3)
The Twitter community I was in has turned to hell (drama-filled, overall toxic) forcing me to move. I've wanted to move for a while but my anxiety made it kinda hard. Now I'm here though!

I hope I can get to know some people some more! 😊

@nihil Hello, and welcome to Mastodon! (Try the #introductions tag if you’re looking for people to follow.)

@shadow8t4 yeaaa this is an old post, I have another post somewhere that is tagged with that ^^ I joined a while back, only a recent toot abt me leaving twitter caught wind so ppl are realizing i exist now haha

@bnys thank u! and oml it does, I never got to watch it all and I looove watching it again

@nihil welcome! You will soon notice that fediverse is a very nice “place” to be.

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