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First post here! Hey! I'm Tana from the UK, I like video games a loooot as well as cartoons (Adventure Time <3)
The Twitter community I was in has turned to hell (drama-filled, overall toxic) forcing me to move. I've wanted to move for a while but my anxiety made it kinda hard. Now I'm here though!

I hope I can get to know some people some more! 😊

this is probably the most risque pic i've ever taken honestly

Took these the other day, for once I took some pics while not in the usual white shirt ;d

asjbhv seeing pictures of food always makes me huuungry

The Super Smash Bros community is abhorrent, so many figureheads are being exposed as pedophiles/sexual abusers... it's disgusting.

girls are tough to date omg im giving up

I used faceapp's female filter on one of my selfies (which I look feminine in already) and omg haha I just look like a doll or something this is creeeeeepy

Trump/LGBTQ+ Discrimination 


I HATE how some other trans women sometimes beat on me for passing :( it's unfair

Why are some people so niiiice?? aibxjasbcjhasc

There's these certain songs. Every single time I listen to these songs, I get a boost of energy.
I don't know how or why, all I know is that I can go from being very tired to not tired at ALL after listening to them ^^

Okay this looks pretty nice!! Might as well change up the pfp soon though...

I'm not American but most of my friends are, potential partner is too, for their sake Trump shouldn't give them a nazi police state to be forced to live in. Trump didn't say anything about change, instead he outright said if you don't like it nobody's stopping you from leaving.
...except literally every border and airport being closed.

That tyrant's gotta go.

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