I just realized @thelinuxEXP@twitter.com's video on gnome 43 has this

Holy crap

Okay so I had a horrible experience with Ubuntu on secure boot

The leaving Firefox video by @thelinuxEXP@twitter.com is nearing a million views :0

I find it funny how telegram's key features was that it had no ads and no subscription service

And now we have telegram premium :/

The first tablet optimized android version was android 3.0

Since figma got acquired, guess i'll try @penpotapp@twitter.com

funny thing I actually utilized the iris scanner a whole bunch

If the iphone never came out we'd still have keyboard smartphones

Off topic for my account but a shotgun wound would be bigger

I know this because I did target practice with a shotgun before

RT @niko_abyss@twitter.com

are yall genuinely surprised at this twitter.com/CBreaker9/status/1

🐦🔗: twitter.com/niko_abyss/status/

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