Neuvoids is on :

Twitch :

Mixcloud : (there's a button for financial support, we will also stream dj sets on it soon !)

Thank you everyone !

NOW PLAYING : @neauoire - Tunnel (Hardcore Mixtape)

Tune in for an hour of hardcore !

Next streams :
- Shader coding with FlopineYeah at 7PM GMT+1

- SDVX with Yuuki_Yuuji at 9PM GMT+1

Stay tuned !

Current stream : Sixclones
Next stream : cblgh

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SSL certificate renewed, sorry about that !

This Friday at 10AM, a Yellow Magic Orchestra playlist crafted by @tomupom on Neuvoids! Stay Tuned!

Footwork show coming in a few minutes !

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web radio @neuvoids is now on mastodon! i've been enjoying the stream a lot.

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