Ok, just got here. Let me try to post a

I'm a socialist from Switzerland currently active in SP and JUSO. As such, i'm interested in

(doesn't seem to exist yet?)

I'm currently studying social sciences and history at university of Bern.

I'm further interested in

Probably forgetting a bunch of stuff bit let's see if posting works now🤷🏼‍♂️

@neitrochfoxtown :blobcatwave: Share some of your opinions and knowledge here. I'll be glad to read it. :blobcatcoffee:

@KnightInBlack Well many of my opinions might be a bit specific to Switzerland. For example:
I would love a united Europe but am not sure, Switzerland should join the EU in its current undemocratic and neoliberal state. Right now I'm campaigning in a vote against Frontex.

Another thing I haven't really made up my mind on is nuclear power plants. Building new ones won't help a potential energy crisis in the next decades, but shutting down existing ones may be a big mistake🤔

@neitrochfoxtown I agree with your ideas, and I would loved to see a United Europe as well but there's a lot of drawbacks. We're currently studying the Switzerland, so I would like to hear more from you. :blobcatlove: :blobcatlewd: :blobcatburglar:

@KnightInBlack What would you like to hear about Switzerland, specifically?

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