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I dont follow any jfb thingy account and nick, except, i know you

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Eh, taugak sih ternyata di Mastodon kita bisa dapetin list following kita secara mudah. Nih tata caranya gini. Ikutin aja setiap stepnya.

1. Klik garis 3 di sebelah kanan atas (pada web)
2. Klik Account Settings pada bagian bawah
3. Klik garis 3 di sebelah kanan atas lagi
4. Klik Import and Export
5. Lalu pilih data mana yang mau kalian download

Jadi deh filenya berformat CSV yang bisa dibuka di Excel atau Gsheets

well, my friends. the weather is cold, take care of your health and your food. wear warm clothes and don't catch a cold. good night, rest well.

@stux stux, what your opinion about my picture? very handsome, right? :0300:

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suka lupa saya tuh kalau mau unlisted, astaga maafin ya

@Dovyeon good evening, Doyeon! I'm so sorry disturb you but mind to follow me back?

@jeonssomi hello, Somi the all rounder. mind to follow me back?

Sorry to use public for this post. I am looking for my groupmate NCT in the house and who want to be friends with me! Oh, I am selective for this, please reply to this toot or boost, later I will follow it and DM you. Thank you!

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I'm sorry for make this 'public'. I just want to find my old moots, esp @.nct(name) gank. Oh I also need lot of new friends! Please leave a trace or I'll be sad :0170:

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A THREAD (karena banyak yg masih ga tau cara mindahin followers)

aduh, sebenernya udah betah banget disini.

sabar ya yang udah pindahan disana, servernya down.

let's be friend on nctjungwoo@rpvortex.online!

akan kembali ke domain sebelah jika udah gak lemot.

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