@rupagulab one wonders which dumb ad agency created the ad and who is their marketing deptt. cleared it 😳

I am back on @Mastodon after a few month long hiatus. Was busy professionally but kept supporting @stux with my tiny#patreon contributions, nevertheless

It’s important to ensure that we support independent platforms that are viable alternative to corporate ones, that are rigged.

#california let’s keep coming here ... each one of us can make this trickle a stream πŸ™

Please suggest some handles to follow here ... coming back after months on the platform

No world leader follows weirdos, rape threat givers, filthy abusers etc in such large numbers as Modi. Bar none. But this is needed for Hindu Rashtra and Ram Temple. And $5 trillion economy. Kya karega baba.
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- Followed by PM

- Right-wing hero

- Gathering support for CAA missed call campaign by lying

- BUT ABOVE ALL, completely understands that sexually-repressed bhakts won't call for…

I fully endorse this.
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Terrorist Pragya calls terrorist Godse, a patriot.

A sad day, in the history of
India’s Parliament.

@sanjayuvacha she has a right to say it and defend her views, agreed. but in the same vain she can be criticized by others.

Having said that, I am not sure if by this tolerance of fundamentally intolerant world view are we not facilitating the mainstreaming of what at best is fringe view. This is the slow poison that created space for her and ilk to finally reach parliament.

Our freedom is too fragile as we are witnessing. I am not sure if we can afford to be tolerant to this.

@Gargron pls make a note of these news anchors /editors who are on a job to spread hate and fake news in India. Stay away from them.


Only this round. Ford has challenged them for an apples to apples contest. Let’s see what happens then. That would be an EV to EV contest and would be fun to see

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