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I was wondering if you guys should do an AMA together and answer some questions for users who have migrated recently, like me.
I have questions around data protection and disaster recovery. Say, if both mastodon social and mstdn social instances are taken down, do I lose everything? Given that all those that I follow and who follow me are on the two instances?
Is there a way one can take back up and recreate elsewhere if original is down?
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I am going to try another push out for this message. Perhaps any tech experts that come across this may have an answer to my questions

@navneetmathur @stux @Deepsealioness @Gargron let me give it a try. Admins/experts can append.

Pl go to settings and then check on settings which can be modified thru web. An option for import/export is given to archive. A screenshot to help:

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Agreed, the account export function is what you're looking at.

The idea behind the fediverse is that you can have multiple accounts, spreading across multiple servers. There's nothing stopping you from opening an account elsewhere and importing all of your current follows. You can keep this up-to-date as a fall-back.

Treat a fediverse account like an email address.


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Thanks all for response. The reason for my question was to address some of the apprehensions around stability of account (follow/follower) that mastodon needs to compete with the Birdie on.
I understand that one can export and import those that you follow across accounts.
But, in a scenario where say, mstdn.social is compromised, all of my followed accounts that are on mstdn also get compromised, so even if I migrate them, I am kinda stuck

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Correct. Bear in mind, this is a social platform. If you were to have your twitter/email account compromised, you would have the same issue. People would be able to identify who you interact with.

This is the same on mastodon hosts. If what you are saying should be cryptographically private, it should be encrypted end-to-end.


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As an instance host, I can promise two things:

β€’I will keep my server and mastodon patched
β€’I will take the instance offline and alert users if it has been compromised.

That's where my ability to protect you ends. If your Threat Profile requires that no-one can identify who you talk to, then don't put data into the fediverse you can't deal with being public.

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