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All right tooters, now that I am here, help me build my network. Follow me and I will follow you back!

Intro: I am based in Seattle and proudly not a bigot as many other NRIs are. Work at a Big Tech firm. Like to read, talk and debate. As much as I hate RSS/ BJP and its divisive ideology, I absolutely loath their lack of intellectual heft. Hope to someday take the battle out from the Social Media to the streets and save the Nation from this band of thugs!!

No world leader follows weirdos, rape threat givers, filthy abusers etc in such large numbers as Modi. Bar none. But this is needed for Hindu Rashtra and Ram Temple. And $5 trillion economy. Kya karega baba.
- Followed by PM

- Right-wing hero

- Gathering support for CAA missed call campaign by lying

- BUT ABOVE ALL, completely understands that sexually-repressed bhakts won't call forโ€ฆ

I fully endorse this.
Terrorist Pragya calls terrorist Godse, a patriot.

A sad day, in the history of
Indiaโ€™s Parliament.

@Gargron pls make a note of these news anchors /editors who are on a job to spread hate and fake news in India. Stay away from them.

Welcome to Mastodon!

We are just another another Mastodon server in the federated universe called the fediverse. Everyone is welcome as long as you follow our guidelines.

Four hundred years of architectural evolution.

From the 8th-12th CE, the sthฤpatis - "makers" - of the Deccan oversaw a flourishing of architectural styles second to nowhere in the world.

On the left, you can see how it begins: simple projections, austere pillars.

On the right, you see how it ends: fractal geometry, elaborately ornamented pillars. Architecture decorated with architecture: the aesthetic principle of alaแนkฤra perfectly expressed.

#india #history #art #architecture

I want my friends here to help me with this. Iโ€™m looking for someone on Twitter who is a native of the Ziro valley in Arunachal Pradeshโ€™s Lower Subansiri district and who is on FB/Mastodon/Twitter. If you know someone, can you please connect me to him or her? Thanks in advance. ๐Ÿ™

RT #ISupportSaketGokhale

The Only Braveheart who is risking his Everything & His Life Each Day ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

as He Challenges the megalomaniac deeds of our Emperor ๐Ÿ˜ก
We Cannot be Silent Bystanders


When the initial application of NRC took place in Assam, we were part of a huge mistake. It should have been boycotted.

My name was there is all drafts of the NRC. Its never about me. The NRC is a farce. Its fundamentally wrong.

There are a lot of people who cannot produce those ridiculous documents, specially the poor and the uneducated.

Please do all that you can to create the awareness to #BoycottNRC nationwide.

@sanjayuvacha @gautambhatia @ICLU @Vakeel_Sb @LiveLawIndia @KavitaKrishnan

Doing this again because after going back to Twitter briefly, I realised I can't complain about proprietary systems if I can't put money where my mouth is.

#introduction #india wannabe researcher tooting about feminism, culture, technology, books, writing. Engaging with the culture is part of my job. Previously a web developer.

Previous research had been about porn websites. Yes, my parents were not pleased. Now hoping to research HCI/design stuff.


Read how the Indian govt twisted the system to funnel untraceable corporate funds into Indian politics. The first of MASSIVE 5-part investigation for


For those of you you who are worried about India blocking

You can always download the browser on for better privacy. This also allows you to browse .onion addresses

For that reason we also have a TOR .onion address on ๐Ÿ˜„ There's only a catch, you MUST use HTTP instead of HTTPS. Be sure to replace this manually in the address bar


We are living in a time where human freedom is under threat from governments, corporates, religious institutions.

We need a new world order.
We can not depend on Activism.
We have to go for HACKTIVISM.

Follow the Handle and Share it
Thanks. Raise your voice.

#Mastodon #India #followindia #followback #followers #introduction #HAacktivist

1. Fediverse is a fancy word and has an air of intellectual sophistication. But unfortunately, a small group of people worked on developing the concept and protocols and the rest of us have adopted them without much critical analysis. Indeed some have religious devotion and defend them without any thoughtful reflection. Since there are a lot of new users here and would invariably hear the phrase fediverse, I decided to get on my soapbox.So here goes. #India #Introduction

Am I the only one who is noticing a slowdown in Toots? We need some engagement to keep the platform vibrant

This account is my 1st time actively participating in social media. I had a fb account back when it started out & needed a university/college email to register. I quit that addiction after a few years when I realized how much time I was wasting. I recently had a birdsite account but only followed a few organizations like NASA, EFF, ProtonMail and news outlets as a way to stay up-to-date. I never followed individuals and I never posted anything. I'm not on ig or any other social media site. 1/5

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