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All right tooters, now that I am here, help me build my network. Follow me and I will follow you back!

Intro: I am based in Seattle and proudly not a bigot as many other NRIs are. Work at a Big Tech firm. Like to read, talk and debate. As much as I hate RSS/ BJP and its divisive ideology, I absolutely loath their lack of intellectual heft. Hope to someday take the battle out from the Social Media to the streets and save the Nation from this band of thugs!!

The economic horror story continues ... we are staring at massive contraction as expected

Let’s see how many of you will this! :0140:


कोयला, लौह अयस्क, एल्यूमीनियम यहां तक ​​कि यूरेनियम यह सब झारखंड में मौजूद है। ऐसा राज्य भारत का सबसे अमीर राज्य क्यों नहीं है ? 19 वर्ष में से 14 वर्ष BJP ने राज किया व ब्रिटिशों की तरह राज्य को लूटा

रघुवर दास से सवाल किए हम तो मुझे twitter पर ब्लॉक कर दिए



fun fact: the german article “die” is read by most english trained algorithms as "die"

this legitimately means you can get a 12 hour ban for talking about "the boomers" auf deutsch on birdsite

Why stop at CXOs ... why not tax every meeting, every cross departmental email exchange... f’in isn’t all collaboration a service from each to everyone involved. Call it Matrix Tax and also apply for next Nobel prize

Naked truth :

A judge was indulged in sexual harassment case and to save his ass he preferred to destroy
whole justice system of India.

Asshole judge.

What a shame for India.

@navneetmathur @Samkupar @stux @Deepsealioness @Gargron
Correct. Bear in mind, this is a social platform. If you were to have your twitter/email account compromised, you would have the same issue. People would be able to identify who you interact with.

This is the same on mastodon hosts. If what you are saying should be cryptographically private, it should be encrypted end-to-end.


Leaving these ideas here for anyone to put into an appropiate meme format:

On federated social media, ...
... trolls fear you!
... your content is owned by you!
... the admin listens to you!
... the rules are picked by you!
... nobody makes money off you!
... you pick who you listen to!
... money cannot spam you!
... the system empowers you!
... you are you!

@stux @Deepsealioness @Gargron

I am going to try another push out for this message. Perhaps any tech experts that come across this may have an answer to my questions

Thread: Indian govt will soon launch world's biggest face recognition system. A tool that can source citizens' images from multiple govt databases, CCTV feeds. Can identify a person by facial features and tag them. And what will it do to safeguard citizens' privacy, consent? Read

I've been asking people around me what is holding them from using Mastodon (even after some of them joined), and I got 4 reasons:

1) Not many people here
2) Can't find people here even if they're here
3) It looks very complicated, especially the instances thing
4) Doesn't seem too different from Birdsite so why bother

For people to adopt this platform, these four points need to be addressed. And that too in ultra-simple non-nerdy language.

@stux @Deepsealioness @Gargron
I was wondering if you guys should do an AMA together and answer some questions for users who have migrated recently, like me.
I have questions around data protection and disaster recovery. Say, if both mastodon social and mstdn social instances are taken down, do I lose everything? Given that all those that I follow and who follow me are on the two instances?
Is there a way one can take back up and recreate elsewhere if original is down?
@girishNaught @Memeghnad

How many of you are looking to migrate out of India? Say to Canada, Australia etc. Can you please comment as to the reasons why? I need this for a study. Genuine reasons only, please. If you are bored of the place, just say that. Also, if you want to migrate out for a period and plan to return please mention that as well. Mention your country of choice and reasons as well. Thank you. Boost this so I get a decent sample size.

I'm here too. Show me some love mast doston. #introduction: Journalist trying to escape bigotry, hatred and lies. I write. Right now struggling to upload profile photo. Wishing it were not "toot". Anyway, it seems I'm the only one.

I just followed back all my followers! After the destruction of the elitist 'blue tick/verified' symbol, I think we need to destroy the edifice of followership as any measure of high priesthood!!

let's follow each other and return the favour to build a classless, egalitarian

Let your quality be measured by your Toots! and the responses it receives

Hi I am a farmer from the interiors of Maharashtra from the drought hit regions. I have seen it all. From extreme poverty to suicides around me. I use social media to talk about real issues affecting the community. I provide voice to the poorest of the poor.

How do you know you're being effective? Twitter suspends you while you sleep after spending a couple hours using your platform to highlight the CIA coup in Bolivia.

This is Sister Outsider. I will not be silenced.

I am Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Identity Politics, Anti-Capitalism.

I am a Socialist. I am a Feminist, that truly understands Intersectionality as only someone that lives it daily can.

Hello, Mastodon. A new player has joined the fight! #introductions #introduction

मुझे समझ में आया की यह एक सोचा-समझा षड्यंत्र है,देश को बाँटा जा रहा है,एक समुदाय जो भारत के इतिहास,भाषा,पहनावे,संस्कृति,कला व रोज़-मर्रा की ज़िंदगी में घुला-मिला है वो हमारे अपने कैसे नहीं?
और इस देश को आज़ाद कराने से लेकर उसका निर्माण करने वाली congress,ग़द्दार तो क़तई नहीं(5/6)

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