Some news clippings of the talk in Patna yesterday at Patna College. Patna University has been a source and starting point of so many democratic struggles in our country. Privileged to speak & interact there.

संविधान की सुनिए।
११ नवंबर, शाम ४:३० बजे
पटना कॉलेज सेमिनार हॉल

अगर पटना में है तो ज़रूर अाइएगा।

Govt to force LIC, SBI & pension funds to invest in stalled housing projects. I mean these fund managers aren't going to take prudent financial decisions for its investors. But throw our money down the drain on the directions of Govt.

So I got my chargesheet yesterday. Over email. Worse than breakup over SMS.

One of the charges in that chargesheet is that I applied for PM excellence award only after repeated reminders from superiors. :)

IIT Bombay hosts Mu'Azzam Bhatt tomorrow, 6th Nov, at 6:30 PM, LH 102. He is a Kashmiri rapper and will be doing his 'Sign of times'. Do join him if you are in Mumbai

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