Listening to Shweta Sanjiv Bhatt ma'am. It is so painful and embarassing at the same time. We didn't stand up for him. I am not talking about running a hashtag. But supporting him on the streets. No bail since 14 months.

@naukarshah It's a travesty of Justice. One man stood up against the mighty establishment and he's being hunted down after all these years. It's a pity that we are utterly helpless in getting Sanjiv out.

@dearthofsid @naukarshah Theyre so petrified of him that theyre finding the lamest excuse to keep him in. Last time his bail was rejected for 'scant respect for the court"

@naukarshah , yes I agree we didnt and that is why we are facing this ordeal. There must be an effort to organise. I am ready to put effort towards the same. And let us put up this effort.

@naukarshah This is similar to Binayaksen situation on 2008. Some of us stoodup for him after 1 year after arrest , and slowly built a climate to talk about justice and peace in chattisgarh. All efforts started with CMC vellore Alumni, and our interest in using web as an offline mobilizing tool. Took 2+ years efforts.

it was hard, but needed similar efforts from civil society in current times , both for Sudha Bharadwaj and Sanjiv Bhatt

@naukarshah There,s the Free Sanjiv Bhatt group on Facebook. Nearly 50,000 members.

If we don't get on the streets against injustice and authoritarianism, then the time is not so far that it will engulf all of us.

@naukarshah We are a country of spineless people! We deserve what has befell us!

@mast_don @naukarshah don't be so pessimistic. I can understand your frustration. We have to ignite the spark that will lead to non violent protest across the country. We only tweet, toot, message on SM. That's not sufficient. We will have to form a group and protest non violently on the street

@chetankhanna07 @naukarshah Form a group & protest on the street for the likes of Sanjiv Bhat & Sudha Bhardwaj is precisely what we aren't doing nor will we ever do! Why? Because it's just an insignificantly small group of people who are bothered about the treatment meted out to such high-profile dissenters! And this small group of people is scared of consequences that it might have to face if they dared hit the street! The fear of this fascist regime is what's fueling fascism in our country!

@mast_don @naukarshah a spark is enough to cause a wildfire. no matter how small the group would be, once non violent street protests start the rage will catch up. Remember 2011-12 Anna Hazare movement. We will have to bear the brunt of the Govt and it's agencies including physical since we are dealing with facist govt and not democratic as in 2011-12. But then someone has to do it. Opposition will get some kind of strength which is lacking for now. It's not easy but has to be done.

@naukarshah non violent protest on the streets has to be done for so many issues too. I truly believe until that is done this govt won't wake up

@naukarshah It's heartwrenching. Sanjiv Bhatt could've become a Vanzara or a Governor. Instead he looked Modi in the eye & stood for the weak. And said "Not on my watch". I'm glad for all the Rakesh Ashthanas/Sunil Auroras we,ve a Sanjiv Bhatt. Please initiate a ground movement & we all are with you.

@suby @naukarshah

That FB group is working on multiple things. They are are a committed lot. Do connect with them.

@naukarshah Just a doubt. If the Babri verdict comes out and many f us are not on Twitter, can it not become a toxic space for RW to spread hate and even violence?

@sakie339 This is a 24 hr detoxification session from Twitter. And an attempt to slowly build a network here. The way twitter is going rogue we need a safe space

Dear Kannan, why we don't (or are unable to) stand and support the truth (or protest against lies) is because we are being manufactured as cogs in the Economic wheel which runs our socities... We are not getting educated (leave apart a lucky few who chose or got study the litterateur, history, politics and such subjects..) but getting fabricated (pun intended... Just add "into") to put a price of every moment spent.

Both Qualitatively (via labelling of degrees, schools, colleges, marks, Companies worked for, designations, Luxuries bought...) and Quantitatively (via comparative equivalency between one who achieved the aforementioned and others who could not). All are just cogs of varying sizes and hierarchy (based on preference of receving the oil of money - via the qualitative benchmarking as explained earlier - to keep them moving) in the machine of economy.

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