Moved to a larger instance @naukarshah. Will be tooting from there. @prasanna_s

@naukarshah @naukarshah @prasanna_s

Hi, I am Rashmi, just talked on twitter, I am an Assistant professor, Economics, Aided college, MG University...

@naukarshah @naukarshah @prasanna_s on your suggestion I joined this, keep posting your views , more power to you

@kushal @naukarshah @naukarshah @prasanna_s
Does that mean I being on a different server is having reach to a lesser number of people?

@_Sattam_ @naukarshah @naukarshah @prasanna_s

Nope, you will have to advertise your details in other social media/ your website, so that people can follow you from there.

@_Sattam_ @naukarshah @naukarshah @prasanna_s

Btw, please remember to enable 2FA on your account here, it helps a lot against script kiddies and other phishing attacks.

@_Sattam_ Hi. Yes and no. Every Mastodon Instance is an indipendent server with his own rules, policies and moderation. Said that, every Instance is in connection with the others (you are on and I am on somehow like email works (a gmail account can send an email to a yahoo account, right?). Hope that this will help you to understand how Mastodon works. 😊 @naukarshah @naukarshah @prasanna_s

@naukarshah @naukarshah @prasanna_s someone pls explain this instances business to me. Like, does my mastodon account just exist on right now?

If yes, how do I just move to a general thing?

@Memeghnad @naukarshah @naukarshah @prasanna_s

Instance is your host where data resides and your gateway to feed. is different from But as long as one is in any instance, they can follow, interact with anyone in any instance.

@prasanna_s @naukarshah

Fediverse is how we refer this interconnected federation of servers like federated of states in India with their own managing policies. Free Software suites like Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, etc are being used to power these servers.

My favorite instance is which is a mastodon instance managed cooperatively by all the members in it.

#Fediverse is how Web should be.

@prashere @Memeghnad @naukarshah @prasanna_s

Mutiple open implementations (for different sizes, needs) of standard OStatus protocol that can be self hosted. TIL

My favorite instance is which is a mastodon instance managed cooperatively by all the members in it.


@Memeghnad @naukarshah @prasanna_s

@prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s

Sorry but I have a bunch of n00b questions.

So how do I join and should I join it?

What happens to the current account I'm using? Will all the followers from this one move to the other one?

Is there a general instance where I can just be @Memeghnad and not @Memeghnad?

@Memeghnad @prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s Even I'm not sure about all the details, but my understanding is people can follow you across communities. Each community can have it's own set of rules. I think the point of moving to a bigger and reputed server is that that server would be better funded and possibly more mature rules and admins.

@Memeghnad @prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s It's kinda like staying in your apartment. You still get news from other apartments, but you have a set of rules in your community you need to adhere to. You can choose to be active or just follow the messages.

@varkychen @prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s alright! So which apartment should I move to? Is there a listing thing somewhere? :cdrr:

@Memeghnad @prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s If you go to the Federated button, you should be able to see messages from other communities

@varkychen @Memeghnad @prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s Exactly: every Instance is an indipendent server with his own community, policy and moderation. Also, every Instance can decide to interrupt with Instances that permits bad behaviour like trolling. For that reason here is very easy to isolate harrassers or content that you cannot stand.

@varkychen @prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s oh alright. Ok that makes sense. So it's like a subreddit with mods. People can subscribe and post there or just browse around?

To join you need to fill out a form in their website along with which they provide their operating principles. It is not necessary to join the instance unless you want to strengthen that cooperative instance.

In general, any large instance is not a good sign of a healthy fediverse, because too they may become too concentrated and centralized for a decentralized web. For example has a user base around 3 lakh users which is bad in my opinion.

Instead we could collectively self-host our small server with our friends and have the registration open only for our friends through invite link and collectively manage it or join such imstances via your friends.

Free Software movement of India is hosting a pleroma instance at and at Pondicherry we host a small instance at

To answer your question on account migration, you can export and import your followers and your posts in another instance but that feature only partially complete as the question of managing identity is a challenging problem.

We could use as entry point into fediverse, explore it and at any point in time migrate to another instance. Mastodon provides option to mark you account as moved to new place pointing to the new account as well.
@prasanna_s @naukarshah

@prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s interesting. Thank you for that very detailed explanation.

I'm going to try out Mastodon for a few months on and then maybe later move to a different instance. Once I find the correct one.

@prashere @Memeghnad @naukarshah @prasanna_s

On the question of "plain" Memeghnad handle - you can't have it as you need to identify with a server. The full identifier is only required only when composing toot, auto-linked in TL.

You can host personal instance and have a identifier :)

@logic @prashere @naukarshah @prasanna_s so it's like an address. If you want to send me a toot, you've to use the address.

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