In 2017, DEA Secy asked Goyal, Deputy Secretary: "Why were electoral bond details shared with RBI?"

It was after Goyal’s letter to Deputy Governor Kanungo that the disagreement between the government and the RBI came to a head.

Shameful. Beyond words.

It is now fairly clear that it is the Indian government that has spied on lawyers and human rights activists.

Some news clippings of the talk in Patna yesterday at Patna College. Patna University has been a source and starting point of so many democratic struggles in our country. Privileged to speak & interact there.

@naukarshah ने तो पटना वालों का दिल जीत लिया। ख़ासकर नौजवान तो बहुत ही प्रेरित हुए। निर्भय ... कन्नन!

ऐतिहासिक पटना विश्वविद्यालय के पटना कॉलेज में कन्नन।

संविधान की सुनिए।
११ नवंबर, शाम ४:३० बजे
पटना कॉलेज सेमिनार हॉल

अगर पटना में है तो ज़रूर अाइएगा।

My Mastodon experiment begins now.

Till Monday morning, I'm off Twitter and will be using Mastodon instead. Let's see how this goes!

If it goes well, I don't mind having a 2 day/week Mastodon only rule.

Govt to force LIC, SBI & pension funds to invest in stalled housing projects. I mean these fund managers aren't going to take prudent financial decisions for its investors. But throw our money down the drain on the directions of Govt.

Peeps, pls remember dat on Mastodon even *DMs n private toots* are visible to d Instance's Admins

Pls exercise caution while sharing private info/pix etc over DMs here...

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The opposition to fascism can't be subtle, it needs to be in their face.

We live in a country where a parking dispute escalates to a level where policemen protest for 11 hours asking for justice and lawyers try to commit suicide by dousing themselves with kerosene.

Amaze #India is amaze.

Listening to Shweta Sanjiv Bhatt ma'am. It is so painful and embarassing at the same time. We didn't stand up for him. I am not talking about running a hashtag. But supporting him on the streets. No bail since 14 months.

This is the poem "Hang Him" for which Sanjay Hegde's account was blocked. Must share everyone.

KS smoothly moves to how Article 19 is not only a freedom to disseminate information. But also a right to receive information. Even for citizens outside K. Person sitting in Delhi has a right to know what is happening in J&K.

So this abrogation of right not only on persons in Kashmir but also people outside.

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In the history of India, seven million lives have never been paralysed in one stroke..

This is never contemplated under this Constitution. Which is why this kind of matter has never come before this court.

It is today, Kashmir. Tomorrow it could be Nagaland.

State has to be citizen's benefactor. All restrictions on rights have to be for citizens' benefits. Cannot be abrogative of the rights.

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The Rules have been completely and comprehensively flouted. All orders have to be set aside immediately.

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VG next point: Review Committee to review these orders within five days is mandatory under the Rules. No averment in any affidavits that there has been any review of these shutdown orders.

So FRs of an entire State has been taken away by a process where orders are overbroad, vague, disproportionate, without reasons issued by an incompetent authority who is a police officer, and no review committee constituted or reviewed.

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