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Does public pressure work on gov. Hell yes. Frmr PM MMSingh writes & vaccination policy’s revised. But of course after cursing advice giver. @RahulGandhi@twitter.com & @MamataOfficial@twitter.com scale back campaigning due to #COVID19India. HMShah ignores, Rahul lambasted. But PM cuts rally size to 500.

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@pbhushan1@twitter.com Citizenship.
These are Indians.
You see them everywhere, as you criss cross India by road.

They have no papers to show.

Will they all, end up in concentration camps ?

Frightening situation.

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Lessons from Shaheen Bagh: Road blockades as a form of protest are here to stay

The strategy of ‘invasive disruption’ is often the last resort for those who hold no structural leverage.


Six year old took part in anti CAA play & kid's mother rotting in jail of BJP ruled Karnataka.

Back in Delhi @swapan55@twitter.com's son is accused by 5 women for sexual harassment but neither son nor father has been picked up for inquiry!

If memory serves me well, the last time that we had these levels of protests by the Hindoos against the Govt, it was the Anti-Mandal agitations.

Remember this from now on that if the Constitution and Secularism survives, it because the Muslims agitated along with some progressives.

The Tier 2 city mentality Hindoos are not with the majority!

I thought he Launched the Campaign from the Library of Jamia Millia Islamia University on the Night of 15th December….

Sharad Pawar calls for an investigation against the Police for filing false cases against Dalits and Activists in the Elgar Parishad case.

The Wire: Bhima Koregaon: Amid Demands For Fresh Probe, A Hard Look at the Case's Discrepancies.

In case you missed it, the RBI had secretly tried to pass a law where KYC had to include the religion of the account holder.

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Let protests across the countries on NRC-CAB-NPR spare a minute to remember the death of democracy and rule of law in Uttar Pradesh.

Blatant killing, attacks on homes, terrorising innocent people, arrests of activists, all aided by complete communication blockade happening in UP

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