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Following an appeal for assistance made by singer Anuradha Paudwal, the Dawoodi Bohra’s @ProjectRiseDB@twitter.com
stepped in to rebuild a school in Raigad that was ravaged by cyclone Nisarga. @CMOMaharashtra@twitter.com @AUThackeray@twitter.com


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ये लड़का अपना नाम मोइन बता रहा है....बहुत घबराया हुआ है ..अजमेर बस स्टैंड के पास मिला है... आपका 1 सेकंड मोइन को घर पंहुचा सकता ह ... भाइयों पिलिज आपके पास जितने भी group है पिलिज उसमें सेंनड करो@WasiuddinSiddi1@twitter.com @puneetsinghlive@twitter.com

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Koi chotta ya bada nahi hota..
jiska jitna hai utna hi rehta hai 😏

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Men without money go through terrible humiliation. May God open doors of opportunities to every man reading this.

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Over 1200 Bohras in got inoculated with 2nd dose in a mass vaccination drive undertaken as part of the community’s global movement to educate and encourage eligible people to step up and get as soon as possible.
@MombasaCountyKe@twitter.com @DOHMombasa@twitter.com

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‘Jaan le legi ye barsaat, kareeb aa jao’

@somyalakhani@twitter.com ne bola isko Twitter par share karne ke liye

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A pic is worth thousand words...13 words in this pic are worth what?

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I took the Sputnik V Vaccine and thought I'd share my thoughts on the experience

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"pur-sukoon wo hai jisko kam ya zyada ki fikr nahi."

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