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What a fantastic picture of an elusive snow leopard in Ladakh, probably reacting to the shutter sound of the camera trap. saschafonseca.com/project/snow

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The @dawoodi_bohras@twitter.com of called upon Labour & Social Affairs Minister of Ethiopia, @ErgogieTesfaye@twitter.com at her office. It was a warm exchange where community members discussed the visit of His Holiness to the region. She expressed her wish to meet him at the next opportunity

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Hindu Supremacist leader(read polished terrorist) Ron Banerjee, the Executive Director of Hindu Conference of Canada openly says "I sūpport k!lling of Mūslims & S!khs in India, because they deseřve to diĕ"

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Uddhav Thackeray has been a disappointing CM. He tackled Pandemic without bodies burning in Footpath. He chose to be honest and didn’t hide numbers. He didn’t allow bigots to disrupt Friday Namaz. He didn’t allow Dharam Sansads to spew hate. In New India, he disappointed many

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Our PM only considers photography as a technology, but not live streaming! 😂

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You died in ATM lines.
India wept for you.
Then came elections and you picked hate.

You walked starved.
India wept for you.
Then came elections and you picked hate.

You begged for oxygen.
India wept for you.
Then came elections and you picked hate.

Now you cry for jobs…

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@anandmahindra@twitter.com Why await this new scheme? Has the Mahendra Group, so far, reached out to thousands of highly skilled & disciplined ex-Servicemen (Jawans & Officers), retiring every year & desperately seeking a 2nd career. It would be nice to get some statistics from your Group.

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Watch and listen.......it's too worthy....

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The journalistic ethics of @IndiaToday@twitter.com:
When Congress MP Rahul Gandhi visited his mother, who was admitted to hospital due to Covid-related health complications, it was a drama.
And, when PM Narendra Modi performed a live drama, it was reality.
Is it journalism or paid job?

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स्कूल जाने में इनकी मदद करें.

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