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Chronology samaj lijiye. Kaam to saare CM karenge, Modiji event karenge!

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Twitter ~ a place for singles and unhappily married people. Both looking for a hookup

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ہاتھ دھوتے دھوتے
انسانیت سے نہ ہاتھ دھو بیٹھنا

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Some will be consumed by the virus. Some will be consumed by hate. Some will be consumed by blind faith which leads them to bang utensils & light candles without questioning a single word or act.

At any rate, we’re heading towards being a republic of zombies.

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“When the sun has set, no candle can ever replace it.”

- George R.R. Martin

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Narendra Modi asking you switch off lights for 9 Mins on 9 PM is extremely interesting. That is the time Moon will be at the centre of the 'nakshatra' called Revati. Switching off the lights will ensure the rays of Moon lighten up our homes and kill the virus

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Lighting up Diya and Candles will generate Carbon Monoxide - CO. That will cancel the CO from the word CORONA. What is left is just RONA which is harmless. This is a brilliant master stroke by Narendra Modi

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Duniya ki lagi padi hai aur ye HR department ki tarah team building activities suggest kar rahe hain.

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अब समझ में आया...
बीना मेकअप,खुले बाल और सफेद साड़ी मे लेडीज़ दिया-मोमबती लेके निकलेगी तो कोरोना की फट के हाथ मे आ जायेगी...

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This feature highlights how illness is understood in Fatimi philosophical tradition and how that outlook can aid and guide us as we navigate the complexities of an unprecedented global pandemic.


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India has been engulfed in riots after suddenly stripping nearly 2M people of their citizenship.

@IsobelYeung@twitter.com travels to India to see how a newly-enacted law has signaled to India's 200M Muslims that they are the true target.

Watch Sunday at 8 PM ET on @Showtime@twitter.com.

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चरसीया जी .. इन हिज एलीमेंट

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the definition of hindutva - even the death of thousands of our own is to be welcomed if we can find some way (in any small measure) to blame it on muslims

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Staying indoors will help us combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. Let's each do our bit to ensure a healthy and happy society. @Dawoodi_Bohras@twitter.com @mygovindia@twitter.com

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Whoever coined the phrase 'Bheegi Billi' didn't have a strong knowledge of the English language!😜

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when this is all over don't even ask me if i'm free just tell me when and where

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