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i kinda wanna try eyeliner but im already feeling too edgy rip

early morning is good too, you get to see the sun rise and the light is great. i should take some pics but it's really cold and i dont wanna go out to a good spot lmao

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this might be one of those weeks where i regularly wake up at midnight... night is the best time in the day change my mind

i love the part where you have to PUMP YOUR HANDPRESSO for pressure

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imagine someone going "wow i'd like some coffee right now" and you instantly whip out your handpresso and start aggressively making coffee

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does anyone still use whatsapp if they have a choice

I got a friend to give me their old drawing tablet for school stuff and I feel POWERFUL... im going to draw all the dumb terrible things

is food that tastes good a social construct

thinking about getting a bunch of stupid domain names

like what do you do? i dont want to ignore them, i also dont wanna tell them off or give them a tired/grumpy answer.

aaaaaaaaaaaaa :blobcatnoplease:

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there is nothing worse for me than getting a DM from someone you care about while feeling too tired to answer

oh my god my back hurts sooooo bad I need to lie down. i cant believe im gonna have to buy a fucking gamer chair or something so i can be in video lessons for 6 hours a day without wanting to die even more

@kungfool I think I am in those dark days right now ahah. I'll listen to anything if I find it interesting.

It's mostly rock and prog-rock when I feel like taking a break and just listening to some music, but I mostly find myself listening to a lot of vaporwave, jazz, relaxing game OSTs and lofi all day in the background while doing other things.

They help me focus on things and they're really soothing

gonna start asking people to exchange mixtapes

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