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oh and also once you have found enough music, trying to share playlists without using Spotify sucks lmao

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I wonder if there is an easy way of finding new music without a company keeping track of everything I like and giving me suggestions.

The best thing I've found so far is browsing subreddits of genres I'm interested in and looking at their compilations. At least I don't need an account for that.

talking to a friend at night after a bad week and feeling all warm inside

gotta love it when people start discussing your human rights in class

do you ever read so much you become unable to understand words for a while. like they just become noises


now I must hug *in secret* people I trust (probably not for very much longer because the situation is getting worse)

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im only now realizing how dependent I used to be on hugging people I like in my class. im sad, there's a lot of cuties

rise and shine, me. time to waste 6 more hours of your life doing important school stuff (at least you're home)


i kinda want to play night in the woods again

craving almonds... and unlimited power.

Introduction (v2) 

Currently living in (Sicily more specifically).

Things that I like:
- movies
- , , 2D platform
- ,
- af things

Feel free to use he/him or they/them pronouns. I'm still confused about my gender, I might be nonbinary but idk.

going from a smaller instance to a bigger one is kinda overwhelming... I see so much more stuff now.
im confused send help :blobcatgooglycry:

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