@kungfool I think I am in those dark days right now ahah. I'll listen to anything if I find it interesting.

It's mostly rock and prog-rock when I feel like taking a break and just listening to some music, but I mostly find myself listening to a lot of vaporwave, jazz, relaxing game OSTs and lofi all day in the background while doing other things.

They help me focus on things and they're really soothing

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@mtrovy Oh! I just recently discovered vaporwave - it's great for focusing! And lofi. Big rock fan, but never really tried much prog; have you got a few band recs?

@kungfool Well you can start by checking out some of the classics, like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, King Crimson, Yes and Pink Floyd. I also found out more recently about this other band, We Lost the Sea, which also makes some more relaxed (mostly) songs. I'd definitely recommend their album The Quietest Place on Earth!

@mtrovy Oh dang, I didn't know a bunch of those were considered prog, just Yes! Thanks, I'll check 'em out again - I've listened to bits of Pink Floyd and Black Emperor before.

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