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Introduction (v2) 

Currently living in (Sicily more specifically).

Things that I like:
- movies
- , , 2D platform
- ,
- af things

Feel free to use he/him or they/them pronouns. I'm still confused about my gender, I might be nonbinary but idk.

one day i'll stop ghosting people... today is not that day :blobcatcomfyuwu:

my yearly attempt to play dark souls might be coming a little early this time

im so tired today i might fall asleep before midnight... what if it still feels like 2020 when i wake up though?
cant risk it, need to end the year properly :blobcatknife:

even more than this place I guess.
which reminds me, I could be less picky about what I write maybe. like who cares

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My hypothetical website needs to remain a secret place for filth and bad takes :ablobcatwave:

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I got lost just trying to figure out what I should use lmao. ended up looking at a bunch of frameworks in javascript and python and then I found out about jekyll, hugo and github sites.
I actually liked the latter, seemed a good choice to just dump some markdown files into a repo and see them come to life, but I didnt like people who know my github being able to access it.

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like yesterday for some reason I had the idea of starting a blog, just to store the things i wrote in various markdown files on my pc and maybe make something that looks pretty

I feel like I might be getting dumber and dumber.
Like I used to be able to learn to do things in a day, maybe code cool shit but now everything feels confusing

game awards 

i love the among us devs im melting

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game awards 

did someone ask for an ARK animated series??? hello???


school has taught me i need to improve my bullshitting skills

i guess irl too sometimes but they dont get a lot of things... they try though uwu

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i guess it happens when you don't really have other people to talk about your problems though. im glad i found other awesome *and* very sad people on the internet that do want to talk about their problems now :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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i can't believe a thing that happened to me regularly was *exploding* and dumping all my life problems on people out of nowhere for the stupidest, pettiest reasons

i wish more people wanted to get mischievous and polyamorous

can you trust people with anime profile pictures around these parts?

i can't believe it's almost padoru padoru time

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