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Yeah, so now, needless to say, I love @Mastodon. It's so beautiful and great, than that fucking Twitter. Bye bye Twitter. Love you Mastodon.

(But needless to say, its difficult to get rid of Twitter account. But I'll get over it soon).

Love @Mastodon 💙

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@msfornation Welcome to @Mastodon. Hope you have a great experience! Best of luck for your journey.

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You know, there comes a time when you don't even want the other person to love you back.

You just want yourself not to love them anymore.

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Finding imperfection is easy – and sometimes useful, inasmuch as it helps you discover how you could do better.

But practice also finding the good in even imperfect objects. Learning to salvage beauty from everything that surrounds us is as much harder, as it is more valuable.

(This skill also makes you a better conversation partner – after all, grumbling is only fun when you’re the one who’s grumbling.)

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