Watched "Wings of Hope", a Werner Herzog film exploring Juliane Koepcke's sole survival of a plane crash in the Peruvian rainforest.

There is poetry in his documentaries.

I impulse purchased this gorgeous French comic/graphic novel from a Parisian used book store

I added "plugins" to mmx, which are bash files that generate html and can be included via mmxup.

The first one I made does an network request and calculates my solar generation and power consumption.

39% of yesterday's grid generation was natural gas; 25.9% was coal 😞

One of the beds has exploded with growth. It's cool to see the three sisters in action

Today, I turn 30. Normally I don't think much of birthdays, but I think I'll start tracking a few things using today as day 0.

I've been introspective recently about how to spend my time and where to hone my craft. Today is as good as any to put pen to paper to sketch out what the next 5 years can be.

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