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For work, I run an org that forecasts the future of rivers and monitors natural spaces.

For not work, I'm running, gardening, making music, and searching for the intersection of mysticism, art, and technology.

The best way to experience the countryside is on a dirt road with two wheels (usually I'd say a bicycle but these were fun too)

Last weekend with dad and brother

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The Lost Ways of Programming: Commodore 64 BASIC

"When Commodore 64 starts, a welcome screen from BASIC awaits you. Even if you want to use it to just play games, you start with a programming environment. This tells you that you too can become a programmer and you certainly do not need to download gigabytes of tools and wait hours for your XCode or Visual Studio to install. "

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The final ROM of What Remains is out! 🎉🎊

What Remains is an 8-bit interactive fiction and adventure video game for the #NES about environmental issues, the manipulation of public opinion, and whistleblowing.

The self timer arm (?) seems to be half-engaged. Pulling it manually with my screwdriver advances the shutter gears until....

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Removing the bottom to get at the shutter gear assembly. Noticing something that's preventing the shutter action!

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Read through this 3-part tear down and repair. They weren't able to find the culprit, so I may be in over my head

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Pressing the shutter has no action or catch. Removed the battery but seems new. I doubt there's any sort of electronic action. From the manual it seems like the electronics is just for a light meter and optional flash.

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trying to fix alej's Ricoh Singlex TLS camera tonight. no shutter action and the view finder mirror seems to be frozen in the up position.

circle of life, animals 

'Tis a sad day for our neighborhood rabbits :( and a fine day for the owls!

Didn't know a specific preference of how owls eat though. Very satanic cult of them.

Awesome interview with Steve Reich about the composition process of "Different Trains: America, Before the War."

Rhythmic train samples, polyrhythmic strings to double vocal recordings, and a lot of personal & historical context.

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"Losers always whine about how their bloat is a calculated tradeoff. The important thing to consider is that there is no tradeoff. Just engineers who've been victimized by the accidental complexity of modern software, chose to stop caring, and yearn for another break while their code compiles—like Dennis from Jurrasic Park. Bloat is like the fake jobs version of scalability, in the sense that bloat offers hungry devs the thrill of complexity without the advantages."

Successfully replaced the 12v battery in our used EV 😎

As with all projects like this, it was not without casualty - a brave 10mm bolt decided to seize and break 😩

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increasingly thinking the idea of “burnout” exists to shift blame from employers to workers

“burnout” sounds like “she didn’t pace herself correctly, worked too hard, and burned out”, rather than “years of being mistreated by employers made it physically hurt to get things done”

I've rationed Le Guin books in my adult life. Two close friends gave me The Dispossessed on my birthday, and it speaks so directly to my existential, life-purpose questions. Glorious book

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I want to create an Agroecology online education platform that would help people connect to nature through the lens of food production. I believe food sovereignty and natural habitat regeneration are deeply intertwined and paramount to a resilient future.

Read my more specific details in the comments and then:

1. Like if you'd be interested in this program.

2. Give me ideas for funding this in a way that does not involve a pay-wall.

#garden #gardening

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