I’m so happy we clean up spam accounts right away or at least ASAP. Our userbase is quite large but that wouldn’t mean a thing if it where filled with bots and spam stuff! Better to keep on it as we go instead of having days work at some point!

Huh, Twitter :blobbun: :blobthinkingsmirk:

Something a bit different today...

There's a really nice Fediverse admin on here called @stux who provides lots of free decentralised public services (public instances of Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Matrix, Nitter, Invidious, Searx etc).

Stux is spending hundreds of euros a month so that these services remain free and operational.

Apparently Stux has had a tough time finding work recently, but has their own small business which provides web hosting.

If you're looking for a small indie hosting provider, this might be a really good choice as the money raised will help keep the Fedi going too:

➡️ stuxhost.com

(I'm sorry to embarass you Stux, but I think you deserve a shout-out for the good work you do!)

Luna Station Quarterly is a long-running magazine which publishes short stories by female writers, especially speculative fiction. (Their Mastodon account also posts quotations from literary women at three hour intervals.)

You can follow at:

➡️ @lunastation

Their website is at lunastationquarterly.com

#LunaStationQuarterly #Writing #Fiction #ShortStories #ShortStory #ShortFiction #Book #Books #Literature #Women #Authors #Author #SpeculativeFiction #Speculative #SciFi

When you're posting hashtags that contain multiple words, it's a good idea to capitalise the first letter of each word. This helps blind people who use screen reader software to know what the hashtag actually says.

For example is much easier for screen reader users than , even though they're technically the same tag.

This kind of capitalisation is usually known as "CamelCase". CamelCase doesn't just help blind people, it also makes hashtags clearer for sighted people too!

Using CamelCase won't affect your post's visibility (because searches ignore capitalisation) but it will improve the post's accessibility, so you'll get more people reading it.

Thank you to @martyn for raising this topic 👍

"If we don't broadcast transphobic content in one religiously bigoted country how will we ever justify broadcasting transphobic content in other religiously bigoted countries?"

this is how you obfuscate screenshots btw, there are ui fonts, in this case flow circular

I've been hunting cardinals for weeks now, and I finally managed to shoot one. I was so excited to actually lure one of these guys into my yard!

This is a male northern -- the females don't have the striking red plumage, but are, instead, a lot more interesting in some ways, sporting tawny bodies with red accents.

I'm pretty lucky to have snapped this picture. sits at the very northern tip of the northern cardinal's range. In fact, I don't remember ever seeing one, growing up in . Here in , though, I usually see a few of them every summer.

Little secret about Mastodon: the third party unofficial apps are really good! :blobhappy:

Because they've been around a lot longer, the third party apps have more features than the official apps.

You can see links to the third party apps listed underneath the official app links on the Mastodon website, just scroll down the page a bit:


Also, most of the unofficial apps (such as Metatext, Fedilab and Tusky) are open source so outsiders can see exactly what they do and how they work. This makes them just as safe to use as the official apps.

If you haven't tried the third party apps yet, it's well worth giving them a go.

Code reviews are humbling. Whenever I'm on the verge of thinking that I know what am doing a code review reminds me that I do not.

The first episode of Strange New Worlds is truly Star Trek in the best sense of the word!

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

It's soo freaking weird!

How does a government or state even dares saying it's "illegal" to an abortion on your own body..

Hell, I would become a freaking cyborg and no one could stop me..😠

Woman should have the right to decide for themselfs!

F-off with your law🖕

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