Does it make sense to be shy on the fediverse? I'm thinking maybe no.

Let's see what fun stuff I can discover. I dig old bad/awesome sci-fi, jazz, marching bands and coffee shops.

@mrhariseldon Welcome, welcome! :blobcathearts: :nkoWave: Don't be! I'm sure everyone is welcoming you with open arms! :blobcathug:

@mrhariseldon if you like old SciFi, check out the hashtag. They watch movies every Thursday night, starts in about an hour I think.

@mrhariseldon don't be shy, about expressing yourself or blocking

This place will be toxic at first, but a handful of blocks will make it cozier for you

I'm not shy, but I don't toot much, just for the sake of tooting.

@mrhariseldon welcome!

I'm Andrew, and I archive old sci-fi, make bad sci-fi, listen to a lot of jazz, and run a coffee shop.

Among many other things.

@mrhariseldon do like a bit of jazz over here too. Welcome aboard.

@mrhariseldon You need a profile picture for people to believe you’re a real person. Look at me, talking to a bot!

It makes no sense to be shy here, no. Chat, boost, follow.
You into Albert Ayler? From the intersection of marching bands and jazz...

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