@mrbitterness hilariously this 'blew up' in relative terms, but for some reason Tusky is very slow about giving me notifications and I had no idea anyone even saw it until just now.

What a time to be alive.

@stux @mrbitterness looks like Steve Ballmer was checking out your cat photo searching.


@mrbitterness AFAIU this affects the DDG Web browser only.

Not DDG Web search.


Still fairly sleezy, but not quite as much as it could be.

DDG will have to do a hell of a lot of damage control. Hopefully the bad press will revert the contract.

@mrbitterness Bleeping Computer's article gives pretty good deets:

DuckDuckGo browser allows Microsoft trackers due to search agreement

[W]hile performing a security audit of the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, security researcher Zach Edwards discovered that while the browser blocks Google and Facebook trackers, it allowed Microsoft trackers to continue running.


I'd put most of the heat on #Microsoft here.

#DDG #DuckDuckGo #Privacy #Surveillance #SurveillanceCapitalism #WebBrowsers

whoops sorry forgot image caption (implied cartoon violence) 

@dredmorbius @mrbitterness

An 8-bit color frame of the cartoon dog from Nintendo Duck Hunt standing up in the bushes, holding a duck that he just caught, but the duck's head is replaced [poorly] by the DuckDuckGo duck mascot.

Another duck flies away, looking on nervously. [in hindsight it would have been funny to make this one Microsoft...]

@mrbitterness Thinking about this further ...

DDG did advertise itself as a privacy browser.

That ... verges on false advertising / fraud.

Escape advertising trackers.

Our tracker blocker stops advertisers from tracking you on the sites you visit. The Internet just got less creepy.



@mrbitterness NB: That Wayback capture is broken. Archive.Is is throwing up captchas.

That said, site presently says it's privacy-oriented, which is a lie.

@dredmorbius their current listing in Play store is as a "privacy browser."

@dredmorbius@toot.cat @mrbitterness@mstdn.social

and microsoft makes no such claim.

if their willing to lie about this, what else aren't they telling us i wonder.
I've abandon them the moment they started

censoring in favor of ukraine and started using yacy primarily and have been putting in some work to fine tune the parameters of my instance of yacy.

duckduckgo have successfully blown off both of their feet as far as i am concerned.

@mrbitterness ugh I just knew they were too good to be true

@mrbitterness Not a good look, but I think it’s just their browser, not the search engine.

@runoutgroover @mrbitterness just their browser that they explicitly promoted as being privacy friendly? 😡

@zeborah @runoutgroover @mrbitterness Wait. They have an actual browser?? Or is this the browser extension we're talking about?

@zeborah @mrbitterness @paw Yeah a browser for mobile devices (and they’re working on a desktop version too)

@mrbitterness @stux FWIW, it’s only in the new app/browser they launched, not the website, and apparently they announced this ahead of time but it’s being treated like a gotcha.

CEO also said they’re working on it. But I struggle to understand if or how they didn’t see this coming.

@chartier @mrbitterness @stux Lest we also forget the person who loudly broadcast this on Twitter this is also a Brave supporter. You know, homophobicshitcoinbrowser.com

What does it mean when there is literally no good option?

What I find persoanlly interesting is that the CEO personally responded to a tweet I made to the DDG twitter yesterday. Did he not know this was coming? Or was that unconcerned?

I've flipped my phone's main browser back to Firefox. I'll keep using the 3rd party blocking and hope Ublock gets the rest.

@Tourma @mrbitterness i dislike firefox. All the recaptia when you use a vpn

@Nika2022 @Tourma @mrbitterness Legitimate complaint, but I believe this is because it doesn't allow the tracking features (cookies? other things?) that the Captcha services try to leverage to decide whether to "trust" you're a real person.

Feels like they're targeting Firefox users to increase friction though.

@nickspacek @Tourma @mrbitterness sorry even if it's a legitimate complaint it makes my user experience unbearable so I'm not using it find a better solution

@nickspacek @Tourma @mrbitterness because anyone with a sense of security would use a VPN if they are Lektionen open WiFi or uses company Networks

@nickspacek @Tourma @mrbitterness I was using dockduckgo before I saw this article. now I'm on a market for something else where I don't have to battle with puzzles to browse every 5 minutes because I prefer Vpn Over ISP

@Nika2022 @nickspacek @mrbitterness
I've been using Vivaldi on my tablet. It's good for Chromium.

I might be trying out some browsers on F-Droid to see how those go as well.

Tor is interesting, but it's slower and the King of Capatchas.

@mrbitterness I heard about this earlier today. Any suggestions for alternatives? I’d read something about a purchase or partnership involving StartPage that sounded dodgy as well.


@mrbitterness I'll have to start looking, I know there are others, but I haven't paid close attention until this caught my eye.

@mrbitterness @reay

DDGs results have been getting more and more annoying too.

I really *hate* it when they return pages that don't contain the words in my damned query and "make" "me" "quote" "every" "bloody" "word".

Hopefully something better will show up but I still ain't found it.

@pre @mrbitterness I haven’t had anything as extreme as results not containing the words I’m searching with, but I’ve definitely noticed DDG results not being as helpful as early as Google results.

@mrbitterness I never trusted them, it looks like the usual company which markets themselves as private but they don't really give a fuck about user privacy, just like Brave or even Apple.

@mrbitterness Ugh, who at DuckDuckGo or Microsoft thought this was a good idea?

@Kimwilson 🤣🤣🤣 you guys are so funny sometimes. Opening startpage.com in your browser doesn’t make your browser behave differently in any way after clicking on a search result.

@Kimwilson Sorry, I‘m German. No offense meant. My usage of English idioms might not be that brilliant at times. With „you guys“ I mean people who still mix up things when referring to „online stuff“. It‘s 50 years after the first email has been send, and Netscape Navigator was born almost 30 years ago. One is tempted to believe that there should be more know-how among the users. #Neuland

@a8e It's fine. I'm not in ESL mode unless I'm working (tutoring), so no harm done. I'm not used to people being so careful with their words on social media (e.g., a browser vs a homepage), so your response was actually quite refreshing. 😊

@Kimwilson Happy to hear that. Well, to read that, actually ☺️

@mrbitterness so I was trying to learn latest news about #duckduckgo on DDG ... and I found only one mention when ggl have many news about it

#conspiracy 🤣

This is why I use #Startpage and #SearX.

#Startpage is transparent about being basically #Google. #SearX works in a pinch if I can't find what I'm looking for through #Startpage and is completely #FOSS (AFAIK)

@mrbitterness Love how their response was basically "But...but... we block tons of other stuff! Why isn't THAT enough for you?!?!!?"


@mrbitterness Am I wrong but doesn't DDG search use mainly Bing index anyway? I assume there's also some kind of a deal behind the scenes maybe.

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