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My tldr; for new Mastodon users:

Toots = Tweets
Boosts = Retweets
Stars = Hearts

Home feed is who you follow (think Twitter).

Local feed is everyone on your instance (i.e. server)

Federated is posts from people on *other* instances followed by at least one person on *your* instance.

You don't have to use Local or Federated, but they can be helpful for finding people to follow.

You can follow/interact with anyone on any instance by using their full handle:


@atyh I fought with tor / torsocks for a while at first, but the fact that I can connect through that method using gopher makes me think I got that part working. I just think it's something related to my install and/or version of lynx. I noticed the apt installed version is. a 2.9 dev version, which doesn't seem to match what's at the site, so I'm going to remove the package manager version and try to install from source.

Don't have a ton of experience with that, my only experience w/compiling in Linux coming from configuring the suckless DWM/SLStatus/ST/Surf, etc. tools, but it's worth a shot.


Move your online presence to countries outside the US where warrants from hostile US states for this purpose will be scrutinized or rejected.

Some random tips for people running their own #Mastodon server:

-When blocking, you only need to block the main domain (e.g. All subdomains are automatically included in the block (e.g.

-When making custom emoji, remember to include alt text with CamelCase so that blind people can understand them through screen readers.

-If you want to run a server totally separate from the Fediverse, there are some hints and tips by @wiligl at

Friendly reminder: if you need to plan something with many people, then don't do it on public social media.

Use Signal. Use ToR.

if any of my US pals need to take a weekend trip to Canada to experience our, say, local culture, I’ve got a cozy little spare room and a decade of knowledge & personal experience with that local culture not too far from the border.


I'm in no way ignorant of how bad these latest SCOTUS developments are, but unfortunately, I promise you establishment Democrats are positively jizzing in their pants over the great numbers this is going to do for fundraising.

We need to fight, but the Corporate Democratic Party exists for one purpose only: to enrich themselves and their donors.

We're going to need to take to the streets & start organizing. I don't have the answers on how to do that, but the Corporatist Democratic Party ain't about shit.

new covid-19 wave 

"The U.S. is experiencing a sixth wave of COVID, with over 90,000 confirmed new cases a day and a 20% increase in hospitalizations over the past two weeks. The actual number of new cases per day likely sits at a half million or more, "far greater than any of the U.S. prior waves, except Omicron," writes Dr. Eric Topol, the executive vice president of Scripps Research and a professor of molecular medicine, in a recent blog post on the maps.

"Meanwhile, the CDC propagates delusional thinking that community levels are very low while the real and important data convey that transmission is very high throughout most of the country. Not only does this further beget cases by instilling false confidence, but it is conveniently feeding the myth that the pandemic is over—precisely what everyone wants to believe."

this is a little in the weeds, but if anyone has successfully hacked gopher into a kobo reader, I'm all ears.

Chromebooks foisted on students? Teachers monitoring what children do outside of the classroom via nonfree software? Surveillance of children is common, and it's at your child's school, too. Support #FreeSoftware


i have thought about this hacker news comment nearly every day since november ninth twenty seventeen


YouTube just suggested a Jeff Dunham video to me and I've never been so convinced that we have to burn it all down.

I went the majority of my life without ever hearing or knowing the word "charcuterie", and it would be perfectly acceptable to me to never have to hear it again.

#Mozilla releases local machine #translation tools as part of Project #Bergamot

Finally something positive to report. This is what Mozilla should focus on, providing tools and API and services. Rust was a success and is more used then the Browser.

friends in USA, print this out, and post it in your workplace and around your neighbourhood!

Warning: There’s an app for blurring out sensitive information in images called Obfuscate being featured on #GNOME Software right now.

Please be careful.

The default blur setting can easily be reversed.

The default should be to replace the areas with a solid colour or a pattern not derived from the underlying information.

This really should not be a featured app in its current state.

#security #linux #apps #obfuscate

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