help i matched with someone on an app to meet friends, and we now have 24h to say something before automatically unmatching WHAT DO I SAY she seems so cool

honestly everyone should get the day off when the temperature gets over 40°C. everything shut down for however long it lasts.

what is up with this heat, it is almost midnight and still 30°C. and during pride month too, is nothing sacred anymore

normalise allo-baiting. two characters are set up to be love interests and instead, boom! strong platonic feelings, deep emotions, unbreakable bond, completely romance-proof.

yes i realise this is only feasible with straight pairings or it can quickly turn to queer-baiting, but i'm okay with it.
allo-baiting 🤝 straight-baiting

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nah i'm not interested in dating men. i've seen what i needed to see, and i know no man will ever compare to matthew macfadyen's 2005 mr darcy.

i love those posts in fandoms that are like "the most unrealistic part about [insert movie/show/content here] is they expect us to believe [character] is an outcast and is not getting any when [actor] looks like THAT"
like: steven grant is not getting any when oscar isaac looks like that

it implies that the character isn't "getting any" not because they can't but because they don't want to. it's free aroace real estate.

bad bunny performing in a mini skirt and mesh shirt... happy june

i can't believe i live in a city that has a 70s-themed queer café. what a time to be alive.

food, depression 

you really don't know how bad you're doing until you clean out your fridge, huh

huh... my new roommate asked if i was single, and then went "and you like... girls, right? or bi?" so that was nice because apparently i give off queer vibes, but then instead of taking this perfect opportunity to come out, i panicked and say "yeah no, i don't really care." i really don't, but now he thinks i'm pan.
anywho, at least he was cool about it.

spearmint acquired, i'm going to make iced tea :blobtea:

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also the colombian accent is very calming in contrast with the spanish of my other coworkers.

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i have spent almost a month looking for spearmint tea in madrid, only ever finding peppermint. weeeeeeell, apparently spearmint is nothing more and nothing less than yerbabuena 🙃 aka a VERY common tea here.
guess who's about to get stable hormones and be very hydrated!!

i really need to remind myself to not work so hard, because i need my energy at night to skate.

i am forming a new co-worker these days, and everything she does gives me asmr. i have never been so relaxed at work.

dune messiah quote 

"Behind any use of power over another the ultimate assumption remains: 'I feed on your energy.'"

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taika waititi did a ted talk on creativity, oh i cannot WAIT to watch it

i don't like marvel movies but they keep making really good tv shows. daredevil (who is finally getting the hype it deserves), the punisher, fatws, MOON KNIGHT, loki... stop it i can't breathe

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