@chjara gets happy inside when she sees the Corsican language

introducing Non Federatable Tokens, an erc-20 token that finally adds value to your posts and federa-[i get shot]

Can you tell I've been listening to too much obscure nationalist music

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fuck I nearly got a potato stuck in my throat, I mean, nearly spoke Danish

I wish I was an animator for an anime studio, best job security in Japan

For *those* Fedi users: it's manually posted, I have long since disabled Twitter crossposting

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me sending cat pics to @adryd is like jumpstarting her brain

about the current harassment wave, boost for awareness 

the harassment instances such as poast, nicecrew, etc are currently going through the introductions hashtag to try and find any queer people they can find to harass, as well as spamming it with their own shit.

a lot of the harassment replies /untag/ the original poster so they might not realize those are replies are there but other people looking at the post will see them.

please defederate from any such instances to keep your users safe, they're very nasty.

"Hare currently relies on the BDFL (benevolent dictator for life) governance model."

This is not surprising at all.

Right now there's nothing to make it "better" than say... Zig other than that it's supposedly "tinier". Until I see more ideas (and basic features), instead of DDV's grand idea being a huff of air as a programming language, Hare is going to be a write off.

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“Trust the programmer” ......

I'm not really surprised it's half baked given the author of Hare is a known wanker. It doesn't really provide anything as a language, except to feed Drew's ego.

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I saw the Hare programming language and I already hate it.

“We don't have Maps or generics, implement it yourself bozo”

“We only support the one OS, implement Windows/Mac support yourself”

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