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My name is Joelle (they/she/he).I am the creator of Mirrored Love. I am Black. I am trans. I am disabled. I am a current.Mirrored Love is a blog about love, relationships, and healing.This blog uses story telling to document the possibilities of radical, Black Queered love.I created this blog to center my own healing as a survivor of trauma due to systems of oppression. Writing is a safe space to process my emotions.Thank you for
Listening. Read the next post for my Guidelines.

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Guidelines: If you are non-black, in order to continue accessing this platform, you must be subscribed to or you will be removed. DM me the email you signed up with to get a follow back. Additionally, unless we have a prior relationship or I DM you first, do not message me. No unsolicited advice.
Thank you for respecting my boundaries.

✌🏿Mirrored Love
Check out the website.

The trust it must understand my role in this system. To understand that my role is just as significant as anyone else’s. That I belong. Always. Just as the clouds belong amongst the Sun and Sky.
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And that high key takes the pressure off. We are not gods. We cannot do all things. I am but a bee, finding satisfaction in transporting pollen, not knowing that this simple act can bring forth life elsewhere. And I could be the bee, but I could also be the pollen, or the wind, or the flower.

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Believing in a power greater than myself , believing in the power of my Ancestors and the Universe has helped me recognize that I am just a small piece of a much larger spiritual network of beings and creatures and elements.That alone has comforted me. Knowing that I am always connected.

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I will ask for what I need.
I WILL ask for what I need.
I will ASK for what I NEED.

I’m creating an affirmations soundtrack for myself. Here’s just a taste of it. This one is in the style of “A Beautiful Chorus”.

Video of my feet playing in water with the words “I will ask for what I need” in the foreground.

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Anarchism is opposed to domination which means we don’t have leaders and we don’t hero worship. We each lead only ourselves and work cooperatively and as equals to achieve our goals. Hero and leader worship leads to a hierarchy where everyone else stops thinking for themselves and instead look to leaders and heroes to do the thinking for them. We are all capable of our own theory and ideas. We are all capable of leading ourselves.

#anarchy #anarchism #anarchist

Sexual shame 

Sexual shame had me out here as a young queer fucking people who would use me as a sexual object because I did not think of myself as worthy enough of experiencing affirming sex. No more of that shit.

Wish I had a play partner to explore all my kinks with.

Yes, I have multiple personalities.
Yes, they will all show out.

Just a reminder that mutual aid is not charity. Mutual aid is not a loan and it does not come with interest. Mutual aid is not a debt to collect at a later time. Mutual aid is community support.
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ID: The background is a dark fuschia. A white circle is in the center with two cartoon characters. The words around the circle read String Bean x Sweet Potato. The cartoon characters, a string bean and a sweet potato holding hands and smiling.

financially support the black people in your life. if you don't have any, donate double to any mutual aid fund you see. for real. give your money directly to black and brown people.

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sending big energy and love to anyone with a strained or non-existent relationship with family of origin over the society sanctioned holiday period 💕

narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, financial abuse, moms 

I’ve been keeping my distance from her, but now I’m realizing I need to go no contact because even when I take space, she finds some way to intervene in my life. She feels entitled to me. Like I’m an extension of her. It’s such a toxic relationship and I can’t take it anymore. Anytime she comes into my life, bad things happen for me and I relapse.

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narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, financial abuse, moms 

She is just embarrassed. She called my Go Fund Me a “charity”. All she cares about is her reputation and self image. She does not care about me. She does not have the ability to care about anyone but herself. She uses money to control people. Anytime she’s “helped” me in the past, she would treat me like she owned me...making decisions on my behalf and punishing me if I refused coercion.

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narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, financial abuse, moms 

She gaslit me as said “why didn’t you say anything?” As if I didn’t ask her TWICE for help in November to which she refused and told me to “get a job” even after I told her that I was not physically nor mentally well to get another job. But she was helping my sister and her husband for months after her husband got laid off. As if I had not been sharing my patreon link in the family group chat to get support from relatives for months!!!

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@mirroredlove_ let’s get them to 100 patrons before XMAS.

So my narcissistic ass mother found my Go Fund Me...”someone sent it to her thinking it was a scam”...she was basically shaming me and I told her that all this energy she was using, you coulda dropped a stack into my bank account. Some people ain’t doing the work to remain in your life, but they wanna tell you how to live your life.

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