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I had switched it on in accessibility settings because my left ear got blocked 😆

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That moment when you realise you've been listening to music in mono for the past few months *facepalm*

If you forgive *and* forget, does that really constitute true forgiveness?

Wow, cannot believe this guy just straight up plagiarised my song 😤

Who even is this "Simon Clark" person???

Pssst... btw you can buy the song on Bandcamp:

There's a studio version coming "soon" as well 😁

oh hey, it is Cardinal in the browser!

Still very fragile, very early steps.
But the whole thing is there, and amazing that it renders just like the desktop version. 😱

This is VERY promising!

Sometimes, my #inkyDays drawings are more obviously inspired by chemistry.

Almost done with this sketchbook. Just a few pages left to fill. I sure hope the next sketchbook has better paper in it

#generativeart #ink #drawing #art #WorkinProgress #WomensArt #WomenWhoCode #SciArt

Hey, remember that Bionic Reading thing that was going around a bit ago, supposed to be easier for dyslexic/neurodivergent people to read, bolds the first few characters of each word, locked behind a $500/mo API?

Here's a free version that does the same thing:

Source code:

Hello Fosstodon,

After great progress on my programming language Gamma and and my EZER emulator, I have opened IRC channels #gamma and #EZER on Libera to open them to participation. I will be online from 9:00-23:00 UTC-3. You will need to be registered with NickServ to join.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Some of you already asked, if #FediVision was a thing this year.#

Today I can tell you: Yes, it absolutely is! Go and follow @fedivision and pay our small websive a visit, and learn everything about this year's contest!

Spread the word! Enter your music! Have fun!

VCV Rack Fundamental modules are coming to Cardinal!
New panels contributed by a user on GitHub.
The bulk of the work for the implementation is done, now it is just a few missing custom widgets needed and then some polish (making sure everything is consistent in terms of position, size, style, etc)

The next 22.05 is going to be a very fine release. ✨

I thoroughly enjoyed this text by @entreprecariat on coding as a neoliberal imperative versus coding as a practice of learning, craft and belonging.

“The craftsperson enters their own physical or digital workshop—a local hackerspace, a custom i3 setup, a DIY CMS—and feels at home. This is where they code and learn, learn and code. This is where they can forget, for a while at least, if they are lucky, the pressures and economic necessities of daily life.”

I got to know the feel of craft through my mother’s practice. She was a trained ceramist and had her workshop in the same place I grew up. Her ceramics and the raw materials, her work processes and the passages of time, hanging around in the workshop - all of these things formed my understanding of going about my practice… and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

To think of coercing people to code for capitalism makes sad.

Excerpts from our new performance Singularity, due out in October! Collaborations with @klli, @madskjeldgaard and @kandid

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