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I think nothing can replace Bandcamp and its quite amazing infrastructure. And maybe we should stop thinking about replacing it until we actually see how independent they will stay or how will the platform change. In the meantime we _can_ work on paralel systems that are decentralized.

I'm thinking about
#funkwhale and #owncast

can you contribute? they are both on #OpenCollective:

I tried to finish my debut album before I turned 25. That didn't work out so now I'm just trying to get it out before the incoming nuclear winter

I've been playing around with and I'm blown away, it's perfect for a live setup. You see a concise overview of signal flow at all times, which vibes a lot better with my non-linear brain than Ableton Live.

Unfortunately, I managed to crash it with a buggy VST and corrupted the one preset file I was using, losing all my progess. Lesson learned, now I version control with git lfs!

Cleaning an apartment is very much like those annoying mathematical functions that never quite reaches zero. It’s not just the battle against entropy: it’s also the sneaking suspicion that the definition of clean keeps shifting proportionally to current cleanness.

why do these Giant Rat (Lvl. 1) refuse to engage in good faith in the marketplace of ideas

One of my style sheets - which I'm currently trying to worldbuild within my #TTRPG game / bucket list.

FAWM, links to two songs 

Just in case you want to get a glimpse of what's going on this #fawm: I wrote some Alice-Cooper-Poison-inspired song with slightly lewd lyrics: - and this nice dreamwave thingie:

I'm so close to being done with tracking the lead guitar for my debut album — it's the last thing I need to record. This project has been going on for so long, I can hardly believe it!

I think my brain just understood the difference between focusing and obsessing: taking breaks!

Does anybody know of a good free coding class for women in London? My partner is looking to learn her first programming language (I was thinking Python, but we're open to other suggestions).

If you don't know but would be interested to find out, feel free to boost this toot 😇

Facebook is doing research in AI & #endtoend encrypted messages, to analyze & target ads on them.

How an AI can determine you are trying to buy designer shoes, but your private discussion about health or politics won't leak?

We have no clue either.

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