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Just did my first ever "headline" show yesterday in front of a small audience of friends and friends-of-friends, playing mostly original songs from my upcoming album. It was so lovely, I felt such a wonderful sense of community, seeing different groups collide in beautiful and unexpected ways. In the second half we did a jam/open-mic/karaoke type thing —dumb fun, pop songs sing-alongs, weird bleeps and bloops. Wish that part could have lasted a bit longer! I guess we'll have to put it on again soon 🥰

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These folks are doing good work in Amsterdam fighting gentrification. Sadly, after 3 consecutive evictions, they're saddled with over 3000 euros of legal fees. If you can spare some cash to help them out, here is their gofundme:

Money isn't the only way you can help, you can also just boost this post!

Wow, cannot believe this guy just straight up plagiarised my song 😤

Who even is this "Simon Clark" person???

Pssst... btw you can buy the song on Bandcamp:

There's a studio version coming "soon" as well 😁

I've been playing around with and I'm blown away, it's perfect for a live setup. You see a concise overview of signal flow at all times, which vibes a lot better with my non-linear brain than Ableton Live.

Unfortunately, I managed to crash it with a buggy VST and corrupted the one preset file I was using, losing all my progess. Lesson learned, now I version control with git lfs!

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Oh for God's sake

This is literally the loan laptop that I'm using while mine is in repair. Why is windows so awful??

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