Grrr I'm so annoyed, just discovered today that Ableton Live's audio rack crossfade isn't constant power!!! Been using it for dry/wets and effect crossfades all over my album. I was wondering why I kept having to automate the gain to get it to sit consistently in the mix. Luckily I found a solution, but I don't think I can go around and try to fix it everywhere because it could impact the mixes negatively and I'm already so close to being done with the mixes...


I was already planning to switch my main production after this big project, and potentially make the switch to Linux as well, but now I'm 110% this is what I want.

I was thinking which apparently shares some similarities with Live. Would love something but when I'm being creative I just can't deal with being interrupted by technical issues and having to submit bug reports and such like... Haven't found anything stable enough, but I would love to be proven wrong!

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