Mixing is normally pretty tedious for me but over the past few months I've just said fuck it and picked up a few plugins that automate the most tedious bits (i.e. levels, EQ, etc.). I also have a bunch of audio effect chain templates that speed up the process *massively*

Now this album that I've been dragging along like a ball and chain for the better part of two years looks like it's close to being done! What's more, I actually like it a lot 😱 Who would have thought???

To be honest, what it took for me to actually commit to mixing the album myself was hiring a mixing engineer and subsequently realising I actually preferred my own reference mixes 🤦

She's a great engineer, I just think I have a very specific vision in mind that extends into even the minute details of mixing. I guess you can't spend your way out of being a pedantic perfectionist bastard 🙃 I'm still hiring her to consult on the mixes after hand though, bc the main thing I was concerned about originally was getting a second pair of ears to balance out my biases as the composer of the project.


If anyone is interested in which plugins I use and how, feel free to DM me and I can go into some more detail about it. I really think music production should be more accessible, there's so much technical jargon I wish I could have been spared when I was just starting out...

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