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I'm another fleeing a sinking ship.
I'm a youth health nurse specialist and intern, with a long history of activism: anti war, animal rights, , , etcetc.
and love my ebike so much as a result, but when my legs were strong I did an Everesting on Maungawhau.
grumpy old
BHSc MHPrac working on a MN and most proud of my PG DIP in Youth Health.

Huge respect for and solidarity with my Allied Health colleagues out on the street striking today. The DHBs are ignoring the recommendations of the ERA and presented an insulting, piss-poor offer to the PSA union. They've ignored the most basic of complaints about the current system, and are continuing to show how little they actually care about Allied Health workers in general.

Lovely to see a familiar face in this story of #StayHome #KeepSafe photography in Aotearoa New Zealand. HT @mikeythenurse

I had a very weird high school like experience at uni last week where I went to sit at a lunch table with some classmates I had hoped to connect with but ended up getting a "not at this table" response. Still marginally bewildered, a very strange experience as a 41 year old tbh.

good evening friends, my words were published in thespinoff today, i write about being trans and queer and online and closeted - how social media's been good for me and why being anon is important to me. give it a read!

It was 5 years ago today we got the sweetest little kitty we named SKELETOR

My earphones broke and now I have to not listen to music on the bus? How unfair.

Cat bodily functions/Disability 

The benefit of being disabled is that my foot has next to no sensation so when I step in cat vomit I don't notice until I've spread the vomit around the floor.

Me: I better get some study in tonight
Also me: but first maybe I'll just watch some Netflix, what's this Heartstopper show?
Me 4 hours later: 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️


I've gone above and beyond a bunch of times through work to help people get the abortions they wanted, including waking at 4am to provide transport for a client. I'd absolute risk prison to provide reproductive autonomy if laws changed around abortion rights.

For some reason I want to wait until after I've qualified as a nurse practitioner to get both my hands tattooed. I think I'm nervous of it counting against me when I sit the panel interview for registration.

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It's kind of weird that I'm hesitant about getting my hands tattooed even though I already have tattoos on my hand.
I've had this on my palm for 3 years now, an anchor on my left ring finger, but I'm apprehensive about getting a tattoo on the back of my hand.

My clinic office is full of gifts and thank you notes from clients and student nurses I've supported over the years. This coffee mug is one of my favourite gifts"

Honestly I think everyone should stop and think about gender and what makes them their gender, not cause they think they're trans or should be, but because it's good to dismantle this stuff and figure out what it means for you vs what society tells you it is

It's always wild how many outright racists see my straight laced doc boots, tattoos, and suspenders and think "here's a person who will appreciate my racist opinion on this" and then act absolutely surprised when I tell them to fuck off with their racist bullshit.

It gets old when people ask about recovery in regards to my disability. What they really want is reassurances that all bodies are infallible and that they will never risk experiencing a disability themselves.
My disability is permanent and that's totally fine, expressions of sorrow are meant to soothe the person expressing it, not me.

A previous study of active transport infrastructure in two different NZ cities showed the public health benefits of the infrastructure was significantly higher than the costs of the infrastructure themselves. I spent this morning at the new southern cycleway at the Manurewa end and there were so many big families encouraging each other out walking and cycling on the path. The public health benefits are huge, well beyond the physical health benefits alone.

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