My starter died, but i have some belgian sour beer with live yeast. Can I mix that with wheat and rye flour?


Every slider should have the option for granular control, it's really annoying trying to get to a specific number, but the slider is very unresponsive/inaccurate, put a 'slow' option or buttons that increment or decrease by 1

Anti-feminism frustrates me. Not just because women still have many obstacles in society (they do) but Antifem's complain about men not having rights, then don't talk about areas where men do legit have issues.

I seen one "humanist" who encouraged men to withhold sex if their gf made them mad. Like, that's kinda garbage to try and use intimacy like that as a weapon. And said society encouraged (cw:rape mention) "regret rape". It's frustrating to see that crap and how it doesn't help anything.


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