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Oregon Rep. Pleads Guilty to Allowing Violent Protesters Into State Capitol Through Backdoor, has been banned from entering the Oregon Capitol building and its surrounds for the next 18 months.

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Thank you, Rep. Kinzinger. This is what we should expect from every United States House of Representatives member, but alas, too many are shirking their responsibilities to the nation, to their voters, and to their consciences.

I have respect for him, but likely disagree on most policy issues--and that is fine. We should be able to disagree on policy and work on solutions. For far too many, that has not been the case.

Our political system depends on lively, even passionate opposition—so partisanship isn't a sin. But there ought to be something that political opponents share that transcends political parties: a commitment to law, truth, and the process of representative democracy. Rep. Kinzinger understands this, and I respect him for it. Those on the right who are berating and threatening him should be ashamed.

Read: Rep. Adam Kinzinger's opening remarks at first hearing for select committee on Jan. 6 -

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And for the unhinged who are suddenly yelling about your freedoms or something, this is literally because of you.

Yes, there are people who, for valid medical reasons, cannot get vaccinated or for whom the protection will not be as high. These are generally immunocompromised people or people being treated for a serious illness. That's why everyone else who can needs to do it.

Almost one in every 500 Americans have died from Covid in the past year and a half. 

The more hosts a disease has, the more it can mutate and become more deadly. Are you a fan of infections? Or you like seeing people wearing masks everywhere?

Get over it. Get vaxxed. It's the smart, patriotic, and mature thing to do. 

CDC wants vaccinated Americans to wear masks indoors in Covid hot spots:

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“Every story, every reporting angle, must begin with the understanding that one of the two political parties doesn’t try, at least on the national level, to legislate solutions to our problems.”

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What is often overlooked in these discussions is the fact that when unvaccinated people are hospitalized, the medical costs, which in some cases can head into the millions of dollars when there is a lung transplant, are not being borne by the patient but by all of us in terms of higher insurance rates. Additionally, people exercising their "rights" not to be vaccinated then take up the limited number of hospital beds that may be needed by someone in a car accident or having a heart attack. In other words, these folks who proudly flaunt their "individual" rights to not be vaccinated and end up in the hospital are costing all of us a tremendous amount of money and putting undue strain on the national medical system.

Ron DeSantis deserves to be held criminally liable.

Some Florida Hospitals Have More Covid Patients Than Ever Before:

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It's important to understand why we're reading about cases of fully-vaccinated people testing positive for #COVID19.

Last year, the former guy wanted to stop testing so that there wouldn't be so many cases under his watch. He's absolutely craven, but he was right about only finding if you're testing. The breakthrough cases we're seeing are among people who are regularly tested such as professional and Olympic athletes. We've been told from the beginning that the vaccines are stopping severe infection. If you're not tested and you have an asymptomatic infection or feel a little run-down one day, you won't associate it with coronavirus at all. That's a successful vaccine! But we need everyone to get it and not rely on others, so that we're not passing it along to those who are too young to get it, allergic to a component, or not able to get the full benefit because they don't have robust immune systems.

@TonyStark @MariaHill Like a petulant brat who doesn't get his way, shouting "I don't want to play anyway, I'm going home and taking my toys with me"

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How about we combine voter ID and proof of vaccination into one single document, just to watch Republican heads explode?


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Vaccines are blocking Covid mutation. I'm unsure why this is medical news? But the reverse is unvaccinated people are fueling devastating Covid mutations. Thank you Pres Trump, Pres Bolsanaro and PM Modi--the 3 Covid mass murderers.

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The ONLY fraud found in the last election was perpetuated by Republicans. That cannot be overstated.

I would change "no evidence of widespread fraud" that I see often to "the only fraud discovered after extensive recounts, court cases, and investigations has been by a handful of Republicans improperly casting votes for Trump."

A bit wordy, perhaps. Still going with it.

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No idea in what world killing off your own base works, but it seems to be the one thing the GOP has as a platform.

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Conservatives who use Star Trek analogies are fascinating. TOS is the least offensive to them, groundbreaking as it was, with three white men as the lead actors. The “Day of the Dove” analogy is not bad, though Olsen’s other arguments are weak as always.

This is a “both sides” piece. People turning away from Fox News and Newsmax is not the same as people ceasing to read The Atlantic; in addition, Fox News is no center-right outlet.

Finally, ”Senators such as Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.), Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah) represent constituents with interests that are different from those of the bulk of their partisan colleagues" is an odd assertion.

I don't see how their constituents’ interests are different from the “bulk of their partisan colleagues,” but Manchin, Sinema, Collins, and Romney themselves have interests that are different than their colleagues.


Twit-in chief(ex) thinks we're all blind and amnesiacs
I'd consider this a definition of character, or lack thereof, of the entire prior admin

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There’s so many Trump-related corruption investigations going on now, it’s really more a matter of “which hunt?” than “witch hunt.”

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