So, it isn't that I want the BrAnD. Sometimes I see something very pretty and I want it, but then I see it's worth more than my liver. Poor people deserve pretty things too.

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You know, the problem with telling toxic men to consider other women as though they were their wives/moms/daughters/sisters is that these men see those women as possessions or accessories, not as people.

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Reminder that Alcoholics Anonymous is a Christian faith, not science, based organization that was founded in the 30s at a time when we understood almost nothing about the actual mechanical function of the brain and addiction, and that their 12 steps have become so ingrained in the US medical system and culture that most people and medical professionals dont realize there are other better researched options available now.

I had an interview today and I am so damn awkward. Why must everything be made for the normies???

I received my first dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine recently and I seriously cannot tell whether or not I'm experiencing side effects because I am a very unhealthy person and constantly feel like trash.

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The amount of people who tell me they're never getting high with me because of the way my brain naturally works is wild.

Also I hate that humans are so ready to believe we have the right to live over everything else on this Earth to the point where we destroy everything because SuRvIvAl.

Ok, but my thing rn are mushrooms. I never want to put one in my body, but they are so fascinating, y'all. They aren't plants! They aren't animals! They aren't human! I fear them less than octopuses, but they're still scary. Fascinating, though...

I really never want to have children, even though I really do, but my bf is always like "JUST ONE". I just think having a kid for the sake of carrying on your "legacy" is selfish.

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boost this gfm for my friend Sunny, a Black Trans Autistic/Disabled community leader-car $ to quit transphobic job 

They are also aiming to get a car to use so they can quit their transphobic job and start a driving job. If you have an extra car please contact me.

If you want to give to the car fund, Venmo me @TaiCK or and include a Car emoji. I will be open to collecting reparations on behalf of them and will update this thread with investments

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Ok but who else didn't check that box for unemployment and is gonna owe money? My mom doesn't believe me that they do this on purpose knowing most of us will be too afraid to check any boxes we don't understand so that they can take our money.

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Thanks, LinkedIn, for showing me what my successful university classmates are up to... I love that I had to drop out and still owe 90,000 in student loan debt, but sure I'd love to see what they're up to.

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I want to learn how to play the drums but I don't have the coordination...

Everytime I suggest that no person should be more important than another, I am met with deflecting responses or none at all.

They were assholes and emotionally abusive, so this isn't an offensive post.

Not me sitting here thinking about how I'm so much cooler than my exes...

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